Interviews, Pictures, Competitions.

Today has been relatively peaceful. More days like this, please.

I actually enjoyed work today. At least, the work I’ve done so far, I’m off to sort out some more stuff after I’ve written this. This week for Tattooist Art, I am interviewing a painter called Greg Simkins. I’ve never interviewed a painter before, so this should be interesting. He seems pretty damn awesome though. Here’s a sneaky peek at his work:


I highly encourage you to look at his website, here.

I crossed off my first number on the scavenger hunt today. Here is #40: an awesome hat.


It’s not exactly a perfect picture, but I found it funny enough. That’s my sister, Charlotte. I’m sorry for your eyes. 😛

Well, there’s the first picture, anyway. Hopefully when I get to the 100th I’ll be able to laugh at the shitty quality of this.

Tomorrow, I’ll be off venturing into town with my friends Paul and Nick, then on Monday I’ll be at my new friend Frances’ photo-shoot, so I’m not sure if this blog will be updated in the meantime. Sort of modelling for Frances. We’ll see how that pans out. Thank God for digital photography, at least it won’t be too much bother for her when my pictures turn out crap, haha.

Actually, I take “thank god for digital photography” back, because all I want right now is an old Zenit camera. I’m not too fussy on the make, but a Zenit E would be perfect. I keep getting outbid at the last minute on eBay, so if anyone out there has one in their attic, it’d be grand if you got in touch.

Oh, last thing, I’m giving away this:


Titan Publishing gave me this book to review for Tattoosday UK. I thought I’d give it away for a competition. To find out how to win this copy, click here. Good luck!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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