Scavenger Hunt!

Today is rubbish.

In other news, though, I have compiled a scavenger hunt of things to take photos of this summer. I’m counting now as summer, so this starts tomorrow, I guess. Feel free to join in at any time, if you like taking pictures too. You don’t have to be great at photography, I’m fucking not. Andrew wants you to know #100 was his idea, of course, haha. I’ll be putting my findings on this blog, but I won’t just be boring you all with pictures, don’t worry. This is just a fun way of getting better at a hobby, so let’s have some fun!

Click here for the list, or find it under “photography” under the header of this blog.

Here’s a picture I took at 3AM yesterday morning out of sheer boredom, just because I hate posts without pictures:


Just to finish here: a lot of people have been on Facebook asking about the Tattoo.TV changes with the servers. If you have a problem, irritate Martin or wait it out, but I can tell you from the news page that Alexa and I will be trying to sort it all out tomorrow, so that should all be cool soon. There was also no Tattoosday UK news, because I wasn’t really feeling up to it today- once again, tune in tomorrow.

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