Tattooz and Booz.

Today the rain has been horrible. The sun has also been out. This is how the weather is in Britain, we’re all having a ball here.

Yesterday was a day for hanging out with my friends. I mean, I did my work like a good kid, but I did it all before noon so I could play, haha. First I went to my friend’s tattoo studio in town, and I hung out for a bit while it wasn’t too busy. I also took this for the blog, which you can check out by visiting :


If you look closely you can see Siobhan and Dave working away there, haha. This still needs one or two tweaks, and I’d love to find a better way of stitching these together- if anyone can suggest a good program, I’d appreciate it!

I saw my friend Paul yesterday too. This is Paul:


We hung out in town for a bit, and found another cool place to hang out. Paul’s known about this for ages and not told anyone- I can’t figure out why at all. Considering I hate the Hancock, I think we should hang out at this place from now on.


Nope, I won’t tell you where this one is either.

We went back to Paul’s and watched Despicable Me and Toy Story 3 as well. I love Toy Story 3, I think it’s my favourite ever film. Oh, and I got to play around with my new camera. I’ve finished a roll of film, but until I get it developed I won’t really know if it’s much cop- considering it took half the film to figure out a few things, I don’t have high expectations for this first go.

Today is sort of boring, though I get to write about the West Memphis Three in a bit, because a tattooer is helping to raise some money for them. If you haven’t done so already, click on the WM3 banner to your right in the side panel.

Anything else? Oh yeah, Joni has finished uni as well now! Yey no more school!



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