Post- Rapture, Day 2: Mel is Discussing Toys.

So, it’s been a good week for staying alive. So far, I’ve survived that fire in Byker and the Rapture, woo!

The fire in Byker was crazy, did anyone else see that? You could literally see it from almost everywhere around Newcastle.


Post- rapture Newcastle actually looks better, since the fire’s gone out. Since everyone I know is basically going to Hell (so are you, you know fine well you’ve taken God’s name in vain), I have no idea if the rapture took place, but we’ll know for sure when fire starts coming from the sky. Or not, depending on whatever you believe. I don’t really care either way.

I made my camera last night. Actually quite proud of myself! There is one piece missing, which is the back of the view-finder. I just can’t seem to figure out how the hell it fits on. All of the instructions were in Chinese, and the one tutorial I found online was supposed to accompany said manual. If you ever want to have a go at making a camera, it’s always best to take notes- around 20 pages according to my notebook.

Anyway, look:


If you take a look at the view-finder, you’ll see these cameras make these fun, slightly blurry, almost dreamy pictures. It should be lots of fun once I buy some film tomorrow.


Sorry about the harsh lighting, I just quickly took these. That’s Tony there in the view-finder. He’s easily my favourite thing to take pictures of when I’m practicing. You don’t have to tell Tony twice to sit still.

I actually have an abundance of things to write about for next week. I love it. My favourite pieces to write are the ones where someone’s told me what they’ll be up to and ask if I’ll get the word out. It’s a cool way to make friends, but also to feel like there’s a point to it all, haha. So yeah, that’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll also be pitching some ideas to a couple of editors, I think- oh yes, the holiday’s already ended!


Since it’s Sunday, I’ll leave you lot with this really cool Flickr group I found, called The Secret Life of Toys. This is one of the best groups I’ve seen on Flickr, it’s so fun and cute. The idea’s easy: what do your toys get up to when you’re not around? There’s also a forum, where users discuss whether toys get into trouble, what they do to relax and other sweet things like that. I asked Tony if he wanted to have his photo taken for it, but he said modelling is for girls. Can’t please some people, eh?

By the way, if you’ve subscribed to the Inkslingers blog and you saw this post there in an email, I apologise! I use Windows Livewriter to update both those blogs and Tattoosday UK, and it decided to update Ian’s blog with this. Thanks a lot, technology!

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