The Anti-climatic Return.

Hello, my beautiful children.

I’ve been sort of away from this blog this week. If you’re wondering why, it’s because I was finishing my degree, like a baws.

Due to this, I sort of have nothing to say, haha. Let’s see how this post pans out. Since handing in my last assignment yesterday, I’ve been doing next to nothing. It’s been great. I might chill out for a little longer. “A little longer” here basically means an hour or two, before putting up Tattoo.TV’s news up. Everything’s all up in the air work-wise right now, and I have plans and promises over solid work. It’s actually quite exciting.

Oh, I got one or two messages from people yesterday about Tattoo.TV- the site was down yesterday because Martin and the tech guys were moving to a bigger server. You bastards must have filled the last one! Can a server get filled? I don’t know how it works. Either way, the site is back up now, so no need to panic.


I have so many little things lined up that I’d love to talk about, but I think it’s always best if I don’t. They’re hardly massive projects, and I’m not as cool and important as I should be, but they’re kind of cool things anyway.

One thing I can tell you about is my little camera that I’ll be making tomorrow. I can tell you that without feeling like I’ve jinxed anything, since that’s a really small hobby type thing, haha. I got my box of crap the other day, so I can make this now my degree is finished with. All of the instructions are in Chinese, so it’s going to be a challenge! Hopefully, I will end up with this:


Cute, right?

I’ve also been buying too many films. Perhaps it’s time for a clear out. If I manage one, I’ll post the poor discarded victims of it here- maybe you’ll pick up a real bargain from me.

Hopefully I’ll have real stuff to write about at the start of this week, instead of these ones full of crap that basically tell you I haven’t died or anything.


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