Work crap.

I finished all of my work before 5 today. Something strange is going on. Maybe I just did it subconsciously because I have to write loads for my last assignment later on this evening.

Felt the need to be boring and put something up here about work, again. If you’re not interested, just scroll down to the shark! Someone (an anonymous tattooer is all I gathered) sent me a message the other day asking what the hell it takes to get their work in magazines. To be honest, I didn’t even know how to answer- I’ll feature anyone who asks as long as they’re tattooing to a good enough standard. However, I’ve heard a few artists who I think are great tell me about how much you’re supposed to kiss someone’s arse before getting into a magazine. This is totally wrong, in my opinion, though I keep seeing it happen. Myself and those I work with are writers, nothing more or less. It is not our job to dictate what happens in tattooing. It is not our job to try to influence what happens in tattooing. It is not our job to greedily take from those who are tattooing. We are observers, who try to get the word out about things for studios, and put their work out there. We tell people about events we’ve been to, and publish news from studios. Anyone who acts like they are anything more than that does not deserve to see your pictures of your work, or speak with you for an interview. While I’m at it, anyone who interviews you and doesn’t even give a simple thank you at the end of it you should also cross off your list- I’ve heard from someone about that happening and I was disgusted at it. Tattooers who are kind enough to share with us any news, interviews, pictures and words put food in our mouths, and we are supposed to be grateful- if someone isn’t, do you really want to help them earn their bread and butter? Don’t bother with greedy money-makers, and don’t bother with people who you’d need to suck up to for some coverage- you’re a lot better than that.

I feel better having got that off my chest! Let’s lighten the mood a bit by seeing what’s in my pictures album on my computer today:


Forgot I had this from Saturday! Sharks are the best.


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