The Late Shows.

So, me and my friend Paul went to The Late Shows last night.

I want to say it was great, but to be honest, some of it was cack- I think we just had a good time anyway despite it. “It’s what you make of it”, is what Paul always says.

The Hancock museum was a slight let down, but the gallery in Newcastle University rocked. On the way from the Hancock to the University, I had the best conversation with the Hancock’s security:

“You sure you don’t want to stay for the planetarium?”

“No thanks mate, I’ve seen all the shows.”

“Aye, but this is a new one- there’s actually planets in it!”

The Newcastle University gallery was really cool, I think it’s called The Hatton. They had deck chairs, beach themes and fruit cocktails and stuff there, and you got to contribute to what was going on with a huge wall piece. The theme was ‘Surfing’, something neither of us know about, haha.

DSCN1135 Stitch

Paul did a cool little squid.


I did a pathetically shite octopus, and wrote some Weezer lyrics on the side, which represent pretty much everything I know about surfing (i.e. not fucking much).


After that we went down to the Laing to see what was going on- not much, really. There were two really cool blokes outside though, who were on stilts and huge unicycles. They had red faces and top hats, but I couldn’t really take a picture of them because they weren’t doing anything unless I had my back turned, it seems. Their red faces made me think, “my mate Siobhan would be scared of them after watching Insidious”, haha. Oh, I saw the best ever sign in an art gallery when I was there though:


There’s a new art gallery in Newcastle, which we also saw in some sort of preview thing. Rubbish. It’s full of those people Paul and I hate- the pretentious art people who feel the need to stand in front of their art and explain what it’s al about in case there are people “who just don’t get it”. Sorry, but if your art is so shite that you have to explain it to people, no one is going to “get it”.


Yeah it’s like this contemporary art noveau piece about the struggles of people I’ll never know because I’m actually a middle class twat who still gets pocket money from my parents. But like, you won’t get it.

I didn’t take that yesterday, I stole it from . In reality, I wouldn’t have been able to take a picture like that without at least one of them having a black eye.

Oh yeah, we also went somewhere else, but we’ve decided not to tell anyone about it, because the pub rocks. If people know about it, they’ll take all their shitty friends and it won’t be cool any more. So yeah, sorry but not even people who read this are cool enough to read about it. Wait, does this paragraph make me a hipster, too? Nah! I watch too much Pokémon to be a hipster.

What else did we do yesterday? Oh yeah, we went to Legends. It’s even worse than it was before. It was nice to see Robin and Richie though. We ended up just going back to Paul’s and watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs instead.

In case you didn’t know, it’s fucking awesome.


In other art news, I just updated the Inkslingers blog to make it look a lot better. It’s a lot cleaner and more simple now. I’ll be going into the studio as soon as I have some time to take another panoramic for the header, too. That particular blog will be updated every Monday and Saturday, just so you know 🙂


Anything else?

Oh yeah, DINOSAUR:


I love the museum, me.

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