My hair is fixed (sort of). Let’s rock.

To be honest, the bulk of my day has consisted of trying to fix my hair, and waiting for any news I can write about. I know, boring.

I did manage to find almost all of the materials I will need to make this bad lad, though:


This is a handmade pinhole Hasselblad camera, by Kelly Angood. She has a pdf on her website which shows you how to make your own, here. Once my last assignment for university is out of the way, I’ll have the time to try it out, which will be class.

I’m trying my best to get an article written for a really cool website called Tattoo Road Trip at the minute, too. Since I’m still doing my assignment, it feels like it’s taking forever! I’m just eager, I suppose. Lots of research to do for it, before I actually write it properly. Sometimes when I write things, I assume they will be fairly straight-forward, but actually there is a lot more to things than I first thought, and this requires some research, haha. I’m too stubborn to just simplify things, though.

I found out that my friend Ross has been hiding a blog from me! How dare he. Ross is using his blog to put his artwork on the internet, which is all really cool worn out wabi-sabi sort of stuff. You should check it out by clicking here. Here’s a picture from his blog, of a recently installed piece of work:


So yeah, that’s all four of us now on WordPress. Cool! I think once I’ve posted this, I’ll add some links to the sidebar so you can stalk my friends, too.

There is no photograph from me today, because I was stupid enough to think I could take some on the bus on the way home- not with those grimy windows! Sort your lives out, Arriva!

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