A Cannon Ball of Utter Brilliance.

Today I hung out with my friend Nathan. This is Nathan:


The original plan of the day was to get pissed and go to the planetarium. That didn’t happen (which is good news for Joe, who thought he’d be missing out!). Instead, we ended up talking crap which resulted in an idea for a whole film, in the space of about two hours.

Yeah, a real film. It’s mainly Nathan’s ideas, but we worked together on coming up with a proper story, and told my friend Nick about it- Nick actually wants to have a meeting with us about this with a scriptwriter. Cool! After Nick said this, we went down the road to get a notebook, and the rest of my afternoon looked like this:


I think we may be utter geniuses.

We also came up with an idea around a band, and are writing songs for an album called “Deep Thang”. It’ll include songs called ‘Myspace Time Continuum’, ‘Tony’ and ‘Five Fingers, and a Hand’.

My current job in this is to write Tony. Tony is a song about our favourite ways to say the name Tony. You can say the name Tony in loads of ways and it never gets boring- try shouting “TONEEEY!”, then “TONE-EYE!”, and maybe throw in a “TO-NEEEE!” to see what we mean. So far I have:


There are so many ways to say your name,

Though they all really sound the same,

Oh, Tony.

We’re going to be massively rich from it.


Egos and misplaced confidence aside, I still had a cool day. It was really sunny, and we had a laugh! Tomorrow will probably be spent indoors, as someone as pale as me (read: dorty goff) shouldn’t spend too much time in the sun (read: being happy and not over-working). Tomorrow, I have plans to write an article for a really great website (which I’m very excited about), as well as the usual stuff I write every day. Hopefully, it’ll all pan out nicely and I’ll be able to chill in the sun for a short while once it’s done.

For now, though, it’s time to find something to write about for Tattoo.TV– I’m covering Alexa’s days this week, so you’ll have a whole week of me. Sorry about that.


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