Free Comic Book Day was Class.

It was Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, and I’m only writing something about it now. I’m a terrible geek. It was great though- it would have been better if there weren’t loads of emo kids in Travelling Man nicking off with all the good comics, but I still managed to get quite a few, along with some really cheap back issues and some independent stuff. The winnings:


Sorry for the crappy picture, I used my phone. Included in there are comics like The Umbrella Academy (#3), Super Dinosaur, Sonic and X Men Noir (#3). Around half of these are going to my friend Adam, who’s trading me a painting for them. All in all, not too shabby! I also got myself a Travelling Man loyalty card. I already nearly have £1 on it.

After sitting with some coffee and these comics in town, I met up with Laura and we saw Insidious. I already reviewed that here today, so if you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth your pennies you can check that out. We met up with Cartney and his girlfriend Grace after, which was cool. Tomorrow will be spent getting drunk then going to the planetarium with Nathan.

I started a new blog the other day, by the way. I just like to write, really. It’s a ridiculously simple website that’ll be updated once a week, called He Got Game. Yeah, like the Public Enemy song. It’s going to feature loads of really really cool people who do good things to make a difference in the world. So far it features Dave Allen and Mike Park, and I have ideas for who else I’d like to feature. To check that out, click here.



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