Been to the Flims.

Changed the theme on this again. Sometimes I just like to annoy people.

Laura and I went to see Insidious on Saturday. I actually really really liked it, so I thought I’d do a short sort of review here, since I’ve seen a billion people on Facebook asking their friends if it’s worth seeing. I’m lazy (and have proper writing to do), so I’ll bullet point this.

For those who don’t know, Insidious is a horror film which is about ghosts, demons and the usual haunted house stuff, with a couple of different twists.

Shit I thought was awesome:

  • imageThe subtleties. There are some really great scenes in this film where you can see ghosts and demons, but they’re not really acknowledged by characters or music- real ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moments. I love this in horror films, and it reminds me of that Ghostwatch thing the BBC did years ago- you think you’ve seen something out of the corner of your eye, and it’s kind of unnerving. Brilliant technique.
  • The suspense! For real, this is what had me looking into my bucket of popcorn for happiness in some scenes. I don’t deal with suspense well, and it’s done way too well in this.
  • The nods to older films- I noticed quite a few, and I don’t think they were really ripping them off, but paying a homage to other films. I saw Poltergeist, Saw, The Shining, and some other things that I don’t really remember now. Oh, and the title sequence was made to look like an old horror. I loved that.
  • The ending. I won’t say a word about this in case I spoil it.
  • Pretty much the whole scene where the mam’s doing laundry in the second house, with the younger ghost. Brilliantly done!
  • Leigh Wannell. His character provided some light relief. LOL JK I just think he’s fit.


Shit I thought sucked:

  • The demon looks like Darth Maul. With hair. Bad hair. Sort that out, son.
  • The grandma isn’t actually the mam from Drop Dead Fred with a load of Botox in her face like I thought it was.
  • Everything about The Further. I’m tempted to download the film (naughty!) and edit out those parts to see if the film’s better afterwards.
  • The fact James Wan feels the need to colour code his films with a blue tint (look at Saw) so we know it’s a horror film. I knew this before buying the ticket, I’m not stupid, mate.


These pictures might be © FilmDistrict, I’m not totally sure. Does it matter for a personal blog? I’m not sure, so I’ll tell you again- © FilmDistrict.

So there’s that. Later I’ll probably post my adventures of Free Comic Book Day, and a new website I’ve started up, too.


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