Psst- look at this!


My dissertation is done! 52 pages of complete and utter bollocks. What a relief. Now, I just have to do two more assignments and I’ll be able to join the normal people in mocking students. Not too shabby!

Yesterday was fun. I found Jo in the library when I went to print and bind that bad lad. I hadn’t seen Jo in ages, so it was great to see her! We hung out at the Hancock for a bit, and played a great game of pool where I managed to piss her off for a full 15 minutes.

While we were there, we were relentlessly mocked by Fred Flintstone. Okay, not really, but we saw a plush toy of him in the grabby machine, and NEEDED IT.


I think, overall, we probably wasted about a tenner in that sodding machine.

DSCN1092  DSCN1097

Fred remains behind the glass, if you were wondering.

What else did we do yesterday? Oh yeah, we got Joni, Jon and Rachi out. When I say that, really I mean that we got Rachi out, because I don’t know these kids:


So yeah, that was fun. We ended up staying out for ages, because it was Joni’s last night in Newcastle for a while. He’s fucked off home and left us here again- boo!

On the other hand though, Ross is back today- woo!

Unfortunately, I have an assignment due on Tuesday, so I suppose I’ll have to see if we can actually hang out before he goes. This makes me sad. It’s Cartney’s birthday on Sunday, so I’m hoping to get the majority of the assignment done between tonight and tomorrow.

I still haven’t written a word for work though, cerrrrap! I’m starting that as soon as I’ve published this blog post. Thankfully, it doesn’t take me too long to write- and I’m thinking about being cheeky and posting up something small for my site anyway. After Tuesday, I’ll have a lot more time to focus on writing, so everyone who reads it will hopefully think it’s worth the wait!

Yeah, I think that’s it for this blog post. Oh go on then, here’s another crappy picture:



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