Competition, Twitter, Abby’s Birthday. Stuff.


Just a few updates today!

First off, I’ve decided to give a way a prize to a Tattoosday UK reader if we get to 1,000 fans on Facebook. I might do the same for Twitter, not too sure yet. Anyway, after looking around, I found something I can bear to part with- this awesome print by Brad Tompkins and Ashley Davis:


You can be in with a chance of winning by clicking here.

I have a feeling we won’t really get to 1,000 fans this week, so I might see if there’s something I can give away to some of the people who’ve been taking part. We’ll see what’s around here, haha. I don’t think 1,000 fans is even that much, but Tattoosday UK is the underdog of tattoo websites, I reckon, haha.

Oh, I’m back on Twitter again. You can click here to get to my page. I might put up a Twitter feed in the sidebar of this blog too. It’s been kind of cool being back on it, I didn’t realise how many cool people I have on my list, haha. So yes, follow me- I need attenshunz.

Not much has really been happening since last week. I went out for my friend Abby’s birthday though, which was really nice. It was cool to see some old faces, and have some fun. I decided to put my camera away for a change, so didn’t take any pictures apart from some really crappy ones of Joni.


Joni is clearly my muse in photography, if only because I find it funny how much I can annoy him with a camera.

The rest of the week will be spent putting the finishing touches on my dissertation (tonight), printing and binding it (tomorrow) then starting my other assignment (Thursday)- so I’ll be having a lot of fun then. Not.

Hope you all had a good Easter, or Zombie Chocolate Day if you’re not religious.


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