Adventures with Joni.

Yesterday was awesome.

Joni is back, woo! Not properly yet, but still! my best mate is in Newcastle, this is the SHIIYYYAAAT! Yesterday we spent most of the day hanging out. We went to the beach first, for some chips on the pier and whatnot. Y’know, British stuff.

People aren’t lying when they talk about the British coastlines, by the way. It really is miserable, haha. Check out this shitty picture of the beach, and  A LOT OF FUCKING FOG:


Honestly, the sea is there somewhere. This was pretty much the only decent picture I could get, all the others literally are just fog.

“Fuck this for a laugh”, we thought, and went to town. First we went to see my friends in Inkslingers, because I hadn’t seen them in ages because of my dissertation. Siobhan, Lauren and Ian were there, we we talked shit for a wee while and I saw some of Lauren’s new drawings and a sleeve Ian was working on- very nice!

After that, we went chillin’ around town. I love town, me. Newcastle is easily one of the coolest cities in the world. I think we’d probably left Inkslingers for five minutes before seeing another friend in town- our mate Nick!


Nick is going to be a famous director one day, so since Joni is going to be a famous producer one day, they had some business to talk about.


Like that. They’ve made some plans to do something epic in the summer. I’m going to make the coffee or something. I wasn’t listening, I was taking pictures like this:


What else did we do? Oh yeah, we went for coffee after we saw Nick, which is where that picture yesterday was from. You know, just to add to the other billions of pictures of coffee on the internet.

Oh, and we went and bought flims! I bought 6 yesterday, so I’ll have loads to do when I’m hungover on Sunday morning, haha. Bought such masterpieces as Snakes on a Plane and the Spongebob flim.

After that, we went home, and had a huge conversation in the car about writing and stuff. Joni really made me feel more confident in what I do, which was super nice of him! 🙂 It’s cool to know Joni reads my stuff, even if he’s not that interested in tattoos, haha.

So yeah, that was that. I had a really cool day! We’re off out again tomorrow for our friend Abby’s birthday, which should be great. I’m excited!

What’s that I’m pretending you asked, le best friend is back and I still haven’t posted up a picture of Spongebob and Patrick? Fuck your hassle, here:


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