Ice Cream, Babies and Quad Bikes.


I have ice cream from the ice cream shop in Seaton Deleval. A massive tub of it. My life is now considerably better than yours.

New hobby: drawing over pictures of babies to make them look even more like Winfred Churchill than before.


So yeah, this week hasn’t been too shabby so far. This is usually the part where I have loads to say, but I’m still lazy. I had a super productive day on Monday, though. Managed to do my work, do some shopping, play my bass and paint before going out to the pub to see my mates.

I saw Pedro and Kris on Monday. It was class. I hardly ever get to see them, so it kept me happy- even if Pedro was a complete pussy and went home before it was even midnight. Didn’t manage to drunkenly take a picture of Pedro due to this, but here’s one of Kris anyway:


Laura, Joe and Cartney were out too. You’ve all seen them, but here’s a picture anyway because I find Cartney’s miserable face in it hilarious:


So yeah, it wasn’t a bad night at all! Definitely should not drink so many shots though. I don’t really drink that much any more, so when I go out and get completely Charlie Sheened, I feel like dying the next day. This is not happening on Saturday, no way.

I had other stuff to write about, but I’m super forgetful today. Oh yeah, I’m back writing for Tattoo.TV’s news page, after a short break doing my dissertation. Groovy! I’ll put something up on there really soon, and on Tattoosday UK too.

Joni is officially back- woo! However, he can’t come out to play today- boo! We spoke on the phone, and he says there’s some deal with the car and petrol and being paid tomorrow or something… either way, we’re going to the beach tomorrow, then we’ll chill somewhere, and we’re going to get chips and it will be great.


I had the strangest conversation with my mam yesterday.

“Does Joni own a quad bike?”, she said.

“………… No,” I replied. “I don’t even think I want to know where that came from.”

“Well,” she said, “he does live on a farm, and everyone in Emmerdale has a quad bike. Well, two people do.”

This actually happened. Joni does live on a farm though. If you click on this picture of him on a farm, you will get to a video of him… on a farm. It’s pretty funny, and he might get pissed off for showing it to you guys, which would be a laugh.


Actually, if anyone should be pissed off, it should probably be Jon for me posting up this:



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