Free stuff, and lots of links.

“Free” is one of the best words ever. It’s true. I’m feeling generous today, again. I already gave you guys a free Android app for Tattoosday UK, which you can find here, but I’m back with more cool crap. Today, you can have this magazine- no really, it’s a free download.

This is Tattooist Art magazine, and it rocks. Two interviews by your favourite Mel are in here this month, so I thought I’d share it with you all. One interview is with the wonderful Adriaan Machete, whose work is like walking around a beautiful surrealist nightmare. The other is with Daniel Novais, who does a lot of Japanese work, with colours that look like they’re from Joseph’s Dreamcoat. Click on the magazine’s cover below to download your free copy.


Hopefully, Leo has spoken to the designer about this and changed it by now, but if not, the Daniel Novais article does say it’s by Jinxi, but trust me I did it. You can probably tell considering it’s called “A Decade Under the Influence” (highlighting a decade Daniel has been tattooing), which is one of my favourite Taking Back Sunday songs, haha.

Oh yeah, we’re ever so close to the printed issue of Tattooist Art coming out- don’t let me forget to annoy you all when we’re closer to the date.

Want more free? Fuck it, here’s a free playlist for your Spotify player- make sure you use it before the end of the month, because pretty much every free user is about to get effed in the A as soon as May comes around. Click on the picture of how we should have never stopped listening to music to get to it.


Okay, what else has been going on? To be honest, not too much, but I’ve been keeping busy enough- it’s this dissertation. I’ve had enough time to be at home, make some things and write whenever I can (which has turned out to be almost never this week), but other than that, I’m just sitting here working on my dissertation and desperately needing a dye job. It sucks, but I am almost finished with this thing now, so thankfully I can have a life again by next week.

Until then though… here’s more crap. I made a Flickr account. I’m no photographer, but I’m eager to learn. As you guys know, my photos are already on their way to being published, in Tattooist Art’s printed magazine, and it’s something I’m kind of happy about because I haven’t been learning for that long. Leo thought they were great though, so I really want to take more pictures. As my last (second last?) post showed you, as much as I love art, drawing isn’t my forte. Perhaps my art lies within photography. Everyone’s good at something creative.

Anyway, here’s my Flickr, and here’s a picture I took:


If you’re wondering, I don’t actually know Darth Vader (though he is a mutual acquaintance). This is just my friend Jon on my birthday last year.

Joni made a blog. Well, I made a blog for Joni, and he’s going to write loads of stuff in it, about the projects he works on and other cool things. Oh yeah before I forget, his team totally won an award at the NaSTAS for best animation- groovy! Anyway, it took me ages to put Joni’s blog together because he got all picky about it and because photobucket doesn’t like me, but I finally managed it. It’s from another theme, but I made a header, and put stuff on the sidebar and stuff. It’s pretty simple, which is just how a blog should be:


I don’t remember the name of the WordPress theme, but if you want to know I’ll find out for you.

I have the feeling some people who read this blog wonder why the hell I spell Jonni’s name Joni. This is because he used to spell it this way, until our college tutor and I pointed out that that said “Joan-y” instead of “Johnny”, and it still makes me laugh sometimes. The same thing goes for the Spongebob and Patrick pictures whenever I mention him. It just makes me laugh, and you need to laugh. The more you know.

I’ve set up a few people’s WordPress blogs now. Maybe I should start a business, haha. I’d gladly do other people’s for a small charge (unless they’re friends, then I’ll just do it for free), because I know WordPress can confuse a lot of people.

Joni will be back next week, and it will be the best. Because of this, I’m crashing through my dissertation tonight, hopefully finishing it. Then, we can have lots of fun!



One of my favourite bands, My Chemical Romance, have released a new version of their song Sing, featuring work from the band, their fans and an orchestra, to aid the victims of the Japan earthquake. The song (and the video to go to with it) rocks, and I think you should check it out. You can buy the song, or a t shirt- but all I wanted was this kick-ass lithograph print of one of Frank Iero’s photos. It’s signed and super limited edition (and now, sadly, sold out), so I’m happy I managed to get there first 🙂 I would encourage you to click on the below photo of the print and go to the Sing it For Japan website, and give a couple of quid for a song.


So yeah, there are some links, free things and the like to keep you entertained while I fuck off to do this work. Or not, it’s up to you.

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