Keeping Busy.

I’ve been pretty busy over the last day-and-a-bit, but I haven’t touched my dissertation. This is bad. I’ll get back to work on it tonight or tomorrow, and write 2,000 words a day instead of 1,000, I think.

Yesterday I was a busy little bee. I finally handed in that horrid assignment for Care Ed- thank god for that! I just have to do one more assignment for that class next week, then I don’t have to think about it ever again!


On my way back home, I had a few errands to run. I had some letters to post, which strangely always makes me happy. I love sending letters to people. I guess I’m just weird. Anyway, I sent off a disk with my photography and write up for Peterlee to Trudy, who organises the convention, and I sent a painting to my friend Paul Sayce. Paul has sent me some of his wonderful paintings and even a super cool dolly (which he painted with tattoos!), so I thought I’d finally do something for him too 🙂

The painting kind of sucks, but I might as well show you guys anyway:


It’s the purple which irritates me the most. I lost my proper watercolours, so I had to use watercolour pencils. I don’t seem too good at using them for big blocks of colour. Oh well, Paul says he loves it, that’s all that matters 🙂

On the way back I also got some supplies. Because I refuse to grow up, my idea of supplies doesn’t consist of bread and milk, but hair dye and magazines. If you’re wondering, I bought Total Tattoo and Digital Photography Enthusiast yesterday- and I’d recommend them to anyone 🙂 Paul is in Total Tattoo Magazine now too- what a nice surprise!

I strolled into Wilkinson’s for my hair dye- or rather, lots of bleach- and a strange thing happened. The lass on the check out asked me where I get tattooed, and shouted for all of her work mates to see mine. It was kind of nice, they said they were really amazed at them, and I gave away the last of Ian’s business cards that had found their way into my purse. It was weird though, I felt a little like an animal in a zoo. Still, my friends can say their work literally draws in a crowd, that’s kind of cool 🙂

After I got home and had my tea, I went out with some friends from near where I live, which was nice. I don’t see everyone as much as I would like, so it’s cool when I see them, even if we were at the pit heap, haha. Going to the pit heap on a sunny day is all well and good when it’s sunny, but this was the view when we got there:


Where is the sun going?!

We stuck around anyway, and had a nice time. I’m still super sleepy though, I don’t think I had enough sleep on Thursday night, so yesterday whacked the wind out of me, haha. Here’s a couple more pictures- these are either by me, Tony or Woody, I don’t remember who took what, but I’ll just stick my name on the bottom for now as these belonging to my blog 🙂 I don’t mind people using them, though, so if you want a copy of any of these (well, apart from any of my friends, that would be strange), just comment below!




I almost put up a hilarious one of Lauren there, but I thought I’d be nice for a change.

That was yesterday- today I’m not doing too much, because it’s the weekend and I refuse! You can’t make me! Joni however, is going to win lots of awards tonight at the NaSTA awards and make a dorky speech. NaSTA is some super cool awards thing for student television, which is something Joni has been a part of in Leeds Met since he got there. MET TV looks to me like it’s way better than the shit we have in Newcastle, and I’m sure they’ll win- especially after the live show they put on not too long ago for the student elections.

Anyway, I am proud of my friend Joni, and you should be too, because he’ll be at The Oscars soon and you’ll be able to go, “Oh, I know about him from that idiot’s blog I read”.

If you want to watch the NaSTA awards online and see Joni make a dorky speech, you can tune in on this website here at 9.15PM tonight 🙂


Until then, I will be listening to Prince, wearing my favourite Ghostbusters jammies, and eating some chips from the chip shop later 🙂 I’m debating getting a Prince tattoo on my foot to match my Michael one too- any thoughts would be appreciated (lol jk you know I’ll probably just do it anyway)!


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