Let’s Get Political

Mel, are you honestly talking about politics on your blog? I sure am, sorry about that.

Lately a few of my mates have been waxing lyrical about the local elections, which take place on the 20th of May. Usually, I wouldn’t give a shit, to be honest. I’m not someone who takes an interest in politics anymore, as I honestly feel we’re fucked either way. I hate politicians. In fact, I hate most people in power, because I find them corrupt. But this time, I feel like people should really be voting and making themselves heard, after what I’ve been shown.

Look, I’ll get this out of the way now and be honest: I’m no expert at all on politics. Things I say might not be totally right here, but they’ll be genuine, at least. I don’t have every party’s policies embedded in my brain, and actually I don’t even support any party myself. I suppose, as much as that might fuck my arguments up a little, it might also be important to think about, because I’m the same average sort of person who’ll be voting next month. I have no hidden agenda with this post because of these exact reasons.


This is basically how I see politics.

So, who’s been thinking about voting?

I can hear the tumbleweeds flying by just from asking. If I was asked not too long ago, I’d have probably shuffled my Chuck Taylors, shrugged and said, “why should I give a fuck?”. Then I was introduced to the ideas and opinions of a guy called Andrew Elliot. I don’t know Andrew, but I don’t care- I’d like to think he’s nice to some people, and those few people might get pissed off if they come across this post, but listen: I don’t give a shit. Get pissed off, be angry! I sure am, and if I’m calling it as I see it, Andrew can really only blame himself for how he comes across as a person.

I’m not going to dick around or flower my language: I think Andrew Elliot is a dick. He represents the Conservative Party, and pretends he’s some Voice of The Kids just because he isn’t some Oprah-rich, bloated middle aged wanker. Yet.


From his Facebook page:

For the past 4 years, Andrew has represented young people on scales from local to international.
His passion remains to get young people actively participating and getting their voices heard.

Okay then, that’s all fair enough, right? He wants to represent young people, and do right by them. Personally, I would think that this means that he wants to make sure young people have a great school, and are able to attend that school comfortably, at the very least.

Oh Mel, how naive are you? This is politics. Andrew Elliot is just pretending to be on The Kids’ side. This is why he thinks EMA cuts are a brilliant idea. Andrew clearly isn’t looking to make any friends either, since he praised the EMA cuts when he was a student himself, and probably had friends who were currently given EMA. Bit of a dick move for someone who represents young people, right?

Oh, and there’s this gem, about the local school, where those he represents mainly attend:


Good job, Andrew, very fucking smooth.

There’s actually a whole bunch of other things up on a Facebook group that you can access- and I’d encourage you to join, too. Most of the members are actually the young people Andrew claims to represent (as long as you don’t go to the local school or receive EMA, in which case Andrew hates you), though Andrew strangely didn’t use it to bother asking anyone there on the views he pretends to care about. Really, check out the group here:

Weetslade Ward – North Tyneside Local Elections May 2011

You’ll see more points on there than the two I’ve just given, and from a couple of people who know more on the matter than I do.

Anyway, let me get to the point now: do you think Andrew Elliot represents you as a person? Not one fuck will be given if you say yes there, but I reckon there are more people who definitely do not want this moron representing us. In fact, Andrew Elliot does not represent anyone. He tries to make it look like he does, and perhaps that’s enough to manage to win, whatever. Do you want someone like this making decisions in your area?

Andrew Elliot, you want our views to be heard: well, here I am doing it my fucking self because you couldn’t be bothered to answer my friends and I.

If you would also like to be heard, without the aid of some idiot with his hands over his ears and his eyes tightly shut, I encourage you to also speak out and air your views. It doesn’t have to be a long boring blog post like mine, it could be anything. Use your voice, write things, create art, make a sign, whatever- art is always the weapon.

BUT, whatever you do, vote. Even if you vote for this prick, vote. You can do or say anything you like, but if you want things to change in any way, this is how you are heard. May 20th, guys. Get to it.

Thanks for putting up with my shite in this post today.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Political”

    1. That’s what you got from this whole post?! Well, I see my demographic here, I’ll get back to posting up stuff about comics and pictures of dinosaurs later 😉

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