Don’t bother with Uni, it’s Shite.

I’ve been awake since arsehole-o-clock this morning.


This is a shitty camera phone/door viewer picture from said arsehole time. It felt just as depressing as it looks.

I’ve totally had enough of work. I know it’s a really lame lazy student type thing to say, but there is simply too much work to do this year. I hate it. Currently, I have about two weeks to write my dissertation and a 2,000 word assignment. I also have a further 4,000 words to write on top of that.

This shouldn’t be too hard, especially since I’ve done all the really hard stuff for my dissertation, but I have no idea how the hell I’m supposed to be doing this assignment that I’m trying my hardest to even start today. I have had enough. Ian and Will, I hate you. Hate your fucking guts. Why make us do an extra module at the busiest time of our degrees, studying something which does not have any real policy and may not even be important by the time the Tories have looked at it? Really, you are useless, and I pity the poor sods who have to put up with you next year, too.

Ah, that felt quite nice. Sorry about the hateful bile, but I needed to get that off my chest! I could have done it in a far worse manner…


Thankfully, my dissertation tutor, Gill, is not a twat and has helped me out again for another week. Thank god she says things are going well 🙂

So, yes, this is my life for the next few weeks. I know, fun(!)

I did manage to get lots of work stuff done over the weekend, too. I made an Android app for the website. It’s kind of basic, because I can only really do work stuff over the weekend (scheduling articles rocks, thanks WordPress!), but it’s there anyway.

If you take a snapshot of this QR Code, you should be able to download the app. If you’re having trouble, just stick a comment in this post, I’ll sort it out.


Now let’s do some work before Joni comes home, so we can go out and play.



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