Fuck Your Honda Civic I’ve a Horse ON MY ARM.

The other day I wrote a draft blog while I was waiting for a meeting with my dissertation tutor- some of this blog post will be from that.

I’ve had a bit of a busy week! I know it’s a bit naughty, because I’m supposed to be doing my assignments and dissertation, but trust me when I say I’ll be exclusively in my room now for weeks working away, haha.

This weekend has been really cool. To be honest, I kind of didn’t expect to say that, because I’ve been feeling a little down lately, but instead I enjoyed myself a little. On Saturday, I had a few things to do in town, and I went by to my friend’s studio for a bit to say hi. Yeah, that’s like a usual day in town. What’s very unusual about this particular Saturday, and what’s very special, is that Thomas Morgan and Charlie Roberts were doing a guest spot, and I got to say hello! Oh, wow! If you’re not into tattoos you might scratch your head a little- Google their names. They’re kind of a big deal. They’re also very nice, which I really love 🙂 So yeah, that was that.


I also managed to find my mam’s mother’s day present. It sucks, but she’ll like it. I don’t know if that means I’m lazy or that she has poor taste. Jon and Melly were in town too, so it was nice to see them. We hung out for a bit, and I bought some new Ghostbusters Pjs. You’ve got to have jammies.


Sunday was excellent. I went to the Peterleee Tattoo Convention, and it really rocked. I was really shy and nervous, because I went on my own, but within about 10 minutes I managed to find Clair- yey! Clair and her husband Gary work at Inkredible Kreations, where Gary tattoos. He’s a really great tattooer, you should add him to your list of “names to Google” from this blog post. Being able to hang out with them (and hopefully not irritate them too much!) was really fun, they’re all such genuinely nice people 🙂 Clair actually gave me a hoodie from the studio, and I’m super snug in it right now in the library, haha. I saw some cool things yesterday, and I got lots of pictures too so I can write about it. Here’s a picture:


This is my favourite picture from the whole day. It’s a panoramic view of the convention, which I’m amazed to tell you is near perfect- I zoomed in to extreme lengths to check! Usually panoramic pictures are really hard to get right when you’re photographing people and moving things, because they’re four pictures stitched together. Somehow I managed it anyway, and I’m actually proud of it- yeah, I’m a nerd. This picture, fact fans, was taken on a Nikon L100, stitched together with Windows Picture Viewer and corrected with Picasa’s colour correct. I don’t feel the need to dick on with Photoshop, haha.

I’d write more here about Peterlee but I’m still sleepy. I’ll put a link up to where I’ve written about it, if you’re actually interested (you can’t say I’m not reaching out to the two people who’ll be interested).

Anyway, this isn’t even half of the fun. Yesterday was something very special indeed. Yesterday afternoon, I was tattooed by Charlie Roberts! Oh wow! 🙂 He’s given me a lovely traditional horse, which I am forever proud to display on my arm. Honestly, if you ever get a chance, get a tattoo from Charlie. Seeing someone of his talents at work is one thing, but when you’re seeing him work on your own skin, it’s something extremely special. Here’s the tattoo, don’t be a dick and try to copy it, too much of that happens these days.


If you want a great tattoo like this, go to Charlie himself, don’t get an inferior copy from some twat who can’t draw his own fucking horse. If you are a twat “tattooer” who can’t draw a horse so steals others’ work, feel free to message me and I’ll happily give you advice on how to break your own hands so you can’t tattoo again. You can’t say I don’t do some sort of a service to tattooing with that!

So yes, some really awesome things have been happening this week. It’s a damn shame that I have to spend all of my time at home now though, getting assignments and this dissertation done! Working on my methodology tomorrow, like a boss. YAWN.


Oh yeah, and I am also currently working on a way to do fisheye photography without a TWOHUNDREDFUCKINGPOUND lens that I can’t even use with my camera. There are some kinks to sort out, but this isn’t too shabby at all for a first go.



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