Never again, you guys.

So, this week has kind of sucked. It hasn’t been too bad though.

I had a bit of a knock to my confidence this week, after that arsehole I wrote about the other day ended up pretty persistent with giving me shit. The stupid thing escalated a little, and I had a load of shit dumped on me from people I don’t know. It was kind of horrible, to be honest. I’m just some lass who wants to write about tattoos and play her bass all day, how am I a bad person for that? Like I said, I wish people could be cool to each other.


If you get this reference, have a cookie.

Anyway, fuck them. But telling you about this sets the scene for what I did yesterday. And it justifies why I went to the woods in the first place.

Yeah, the woods.

So, after all this shit, the sun was still shining yesterday. I went to uni, then to town- y’know, my usual shit before I do some work. However, I handed in an assignment yesterday Alexa was covering Tattoo.TV’s news, and Eric had written a delightful guest post for Tattoosday UK, so for once I didn’t really have to do anything. So I decided to cheer up in the sun.

Lauren was sat on Facebook like she normally is (I kid, I kid), so I asked her if she wanted to do something. Turns out they planned on finding this “cool” lake hidden in the woods, so I decided to go along. I have no idea why, either.

To be fair, when we first got into the woods, it was kind of cool. There was a nice clear pathway, and the sun was shining- I even saw some deer! It was a bit like those woods you see in shitty Disney films, you know the kind.


Scale the coolness down to about 10%, then you have what I’m talking about.

This lasted for about… 10 minutes? Then, it was terrible! We trekked through trees, bushes and the occasional nettle. We jumped over streams (or, just stood in it while being pulled up by Ben, if you’re me). We were hit in the face by branches every few minutes. This was a mission, we were going to find this fucking lake if it killed us.

Eventually we found the lake. It was shit, haha. Two and a half hours after we set off, we finally got there, and it was shit. Lauren had the gall to wait until then to say there’s another lake, which takes no time at all to get to and is loads better. She always had great timing.


I could piss and moan about this even more, but y’know what? Even I can admit I secretly had fun. It was better than Tuesday, for sure. And I don’t hang out with my friends enough, so it was kind of nice. I mean, when I wasn’t being stabbed in the leg from some thorned monster of a tree, it was kind of nice.

I wanted to put pictures of the lake up- but my camera is complete sheeet with night time landscape stuff. Laura has some great pictures, I’ll see if I can steal them for you outdoors sorts.

This weekend should be cool. I’ll be milling around town on Saturday, doing my usual stuff and hopefully saying a quick hello to Thomas Morgan and Charlie Roberts at the studio before they have loads of work to do! Cool! Sunday is the Peterlee Tattoo Convention, and I’m super excited to go there too 🙂 I’ll be meeting up with a good friend of mine, Clair, so that’ll rock. Nick will be there too, so it’ll be super fun 🙂

Until then, here’s one of my favourite pictures today:


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