I’m rubbish at blogging. And while I have a headache, I’m choosing the worst time to think, “y’know, I better tell those Internetz people I’m not dead”. Oh yeah, I updated the theme for this stupid thing, but I’m too lazy to put everything back where it was. I’m sure you’ll survive.

Well, today was really sunny in Newcastle, which always rocks. In fact, it was so sunny, I missed the bus and not one fuck was given. I even still went into uni instead of giving up, and it was alright. Honest. I think if you have the sun, you’re just happier.

Well, the sun, and Weezer.


Lately, I’ve been bored. Bored, and kind of pissy. I’m going to assume it’s because of all of this work I have for university. I hate, hate, hate it. But y’know, I kind of hate leaving there more now. Funny, eh? I think it’s the upcoming office job or dole queue. Maybe I’ll just not leave the house for months, and write a book, instead. I’d love that, I wonder if I have the time before my money runs out. We’ll see. As long as I don’t end up in McDonalds, I’m fine. I mean, I’m not snobby about working there, it’s just they always look so miserable.


I’m sort of confused today, too. Some snidey fucker decided to make an account on Tattoo.TV specifically to have a go at me, which suxorz. Of course, it’s the internet, so usually not one fuck would be given- except this person was taking things I said on Facebook out of context, so it’s someone I must know. How much does that suck?! I’m not in a rage about it, because that’s stupid, but it’s still kind of stupid. Not much I can do- if someone would rather give a shit about what I’m up to, instead of getting their head down and working, then it’ll show eventually.

It still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all be cool to each other. One day I’ll just quit, move away and write for gardening magazines. Actually, that’d be kind of nice.


I’m only guessing that’s how I’d look as a gardener. Only a bit chubbier. With some tattoos. And I wouldn’t dress like a bit of a whore. Look, I just want to be a Batman villain, kay?

Moving on… Nick and I have everything sorted for Peterlee this year. I’m so excited! The Peterlee Tattoo Convention happens on the last Sunday of every March, and it’s super awesome. If you live nearby, you should go. We had a slight hassle figuring out how to get there without a car, but Joni came to the rescue in the end. Nick said we should get him a cape. I hope I get a cape too. And also, one for Doug the pug. I don’t actually own a pug, but I will eventually, and I’ll call him Doug. He’ll be the best dog ever.


Not pictured: Doug. 😦

My headache is getting worse. I think I’m just super sleepy, to be honest, so I’m going to go now, and try to get some work done. Hope you guys have a good week!


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