This week, I Av Bin Mostly Drivin’ Moy Caaar.


This week I have been mostly… working. Boring, right? A couple of cool things though:

  • If you sit in just the right place in room 205, you can sit and draw instead of doing any work in a boring lecture.
  • Bound By Ink is a surprisingly good magazine.
  • I want to go to London Comic Con.
  • I spend too much money on shit. When will I ever need a Russian hat?

But most importantly, look:


Bitcheeeeez, Hayley’s back. Tell all your friends, get booked in, etc etc. I have missed her lots. So yeah, apart from all the work stuff, yesterday was supafly (yeah I said it). Excuse the blood in that picture, by the way- those are yellows and pinks now. I couldn’t help but show it off, because it is my newest favourite 🙂 One of Hayley’s main jobs is making me look awesome in a world where it was deemed impossible- as you can see, she does it well. If you want a tattoo similar to this style, don’t just take this picture to some wanker who’ll do a pathetic inferior copy, go to the real deal, in Inkslingers in Newcastle 🙂

So yeah, this has made me extremely happy this week!

image Next week, Joni comes home! The week after, the Peterlee convention’s on! Yes, in between these things I’ll be working, but still! Squeee! Happy, happy times.


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