Blog Titles are for Pussies.

So yeah, considering you’re supposed to talk about stupid crap you’ve been up to on your blog, I haven’t been that great at it lately. So here’s some shit.

Highlight of the past week: Joe’s 21st- woo! This was on Wednesday, and it was really cool to see everyone and go out again. Haven’t been out with everyone from mine for a while. Still totally disappointed in Laura for being lame and not coming into town though, haha. But y’know, everyone else was out and about. Here’s a dumb fucking picture:


Oh look, it’s Lauren and I. That’s Tony’s hand you see, by the way- and it’s in every picture, haha. Honestly, if I knew we’d be going out to places nicer than we usually ruin, I probably wouldn’t have worn that skeleton jumper, haha. Totally looked like even more of a dork than usual. And yes, I’m aware I need to re-dye my hair again, haha.

So yeah, that was a really cool night out. I got way too drunk though! Didn’t enjoy the hangover at all. Did enjoy waking up to discover the glasses Lauren stole from the bar and put in my bag though.

Well, other than that, I’ve been doing assignments and work. I know, boring. tumblr_lhkonjAa4j1qebz9ho1_500

I did have a mini-heart attack before, mind. Right now I’m writing an assignment on mentoring (which went alright, by the way!), which is basically a follow up on the stuff I did last year too. I was looking around my old assignment from the second year for some references to twok, and what the hell did I see?

“One of the roles of the mentor is to like, answer questions and shit”

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! That sentence was actually in my second year assignment. Y’see, usually I do a bullshit version of any assignment, and I’ll write things like that, highlight them, and re-write them when I feel like I know what I’m talking about. I guess I didn’t highlight it. I guess I didn’t fucking proof-read either.


Here’s the really stupid part: I handed in that assignment almost a year ago. I had no idea until today. Which means someone saw that, marked it, and didn’t even say a word to me. I’d stop a wonder, but to be honest I’m just glad I dodged a massive bullet with it.


Yeah, I just used the phrase “dodged a bullet” so I could post this picture. Sue me.

On the bright side, I totally finished my mentoring assignment today. In fact, I did the whole thing in an hour or two. Like a boss. I know, worship me. Let’s see how I manage tomorrow with an assignment I feel clueless on.

Another awesome thing: Hayley did my Russian doll for my tattoo this Saturday- STOKED! I’d put it up here, but I hate the fact there’s always some knob who saves pictures of peoples’ awesome tattoos to take to shitty studios and copy.


Uh, what else? Oh, I’m enjoying your emails, to those of you who like to send them. Send ‘em in- I spent most of my time on my computer working and doing assignments, so I appreciate the distraction. I might put a contact thing on this if people would like that. The emails I get are awesome, I really like hearing about your lives and where you come from, all that kind of stuff is kind of cool.

Well, there’s another post for you to ignore at your pleasure. Until next time, my ugly children.

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