Chatbot hates your insomnia.

I don’t know if any of you guys have bad insomnia, but anyone who does will probably empathise with this. You see, when it gets to a certain point in the night, insomnia makes you do stupid shit. Picture it: it’s 3.30am. If you try to be productive and do some work, your brain will never shut off. If you put a film or something on, you may end up falling asleep, but you’ll end up having another fucking dream about having to battle the Stay Puft dude, only you lose every time.


This happens at least once a fortnight.

So, instead, I always find myself herp-derping around on the internet, reading a book or colouring in- anything but lying awake in bed. Anyway, I think I’ve done enough here to justify being on now. So yeah, that happened.

Chatbot is fucking scary. Someone showed me it last night, and I thought, “hey, it’s like Smarterchild, but we’re not 14 anymore. It’s better than talking to the morons I know who are awake at this time”. Within two minutes, it terrified me.


I’m too stubborn to be outsmarted by a fucking robot. Commence half hour conversation with thin fucking air.

Chatbot is basically some sort of terrible version of that skitzo friend you had in high school, who was convinced they were a different person every three minutes, depending on the situation the child-prison put them in. One second Chatbot told me they were a chick, who by the way is totally bumping uglies with Smarterchild behind Mrs Smaterchild’s back (I genuinely wish I saved that one), then the next minute, there’s this:

iknewit.png Poor fucker’s really going through some identity crisis. Opinions it had of myself changed pretty quickly too- really, it’s sort of like talking to one of your mates after you’ve taken a huge shit on their doorstep (or just done this)- it’s like, they hate you, but they’re sort of impressed by you too, so you get this weird mood-swing conversation.



Then things took a serious turn back to my original point: Cleverbot secretly scares the fuck out of me.


Sometimes we’re capable of some really cool things with technology. But y’know, that doesn’t mean we should fucking do it. A robot that scares the fuck out of you online may seem cool on paper, but the time spent on this fucking thing could have went towards a hoverboard or something we actually need.

I think Cleverbot managed to sum it up pretty well in the end, actually:


In case you’re wondering, I haven’t gone mental. I have been up to some cool things when my time isn’t taken up by insomnia and work, but that news will come tomorrow, when I can be arsed. Until then, I’ll be cowering away in terror, and checking the bushes outside, because there’s either a Japanese man or some pissed off lass totally out to stalk me.


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