Nerdgasm in Primark.

It was sunny in Newcastle today. Really. Not even just in a Gerard Way sort of, “I heard y’all had some sun for the first time today” (even though it was just for a couple of hours) sort of way, I mean real sun. Which was warm. And stayed there all day. Summer’s not here yet (I’m jealous, Gee!), but if this is a taster, I’ll be happy 🙂

Things are looking up.

Like most people, not much can piss me off when it’s sunny. I mean, I don’t hate the world when it rains either, but when it’s sunny I’m super happy. I was so happy today, in fact, I managed to get through a whole AGC student/practitioner forum and only whinged once. Okay, maybe twice. But those things are sort of… well, they’re not that crap, I’d just rather be doing something fun.

So I went and did that today, if only because it meant I could sort out some contacts for my dissertation. I’d talk about that too, but it’s been too nice a day to whinge.

I realised today, I didn’t have to do any work at all, which was great! In the weekend I scheduled some posts to go up for Tattoosday UK, meaning all of my work was done today, as Alexa usually updates Tattoo.TV’s news page on a Tuesday 🙂 You should probably still check out the piece I put up today though, because it’s full of Heather Gabel’s artwork, and she’s my favourite painter ever.


(C) Heather Gabel



So, since I was free for a few hours, I went to town with Sarah- fun stuff! I went and booked an appointment with Hayley, who’s a super groovy tattooist friend of mine. She’s been away having a baby and stuff, so I’m mega happy she’s back, I’ve missed her lots! I also went into Primark to have a look around- and wow! The men’s section is immense! Today I managed to find these beauties:

  • A new Back to the Future t shirt!
  • A Jumper with Animal from the Muppets on it!
  • Batman socks!
  • Ghostbuster socks!
  • TMHT jammies!
  • Run DMC jammies!

Yeah groovy individuals, you heard that right…


Apologies for the shit picture. I won’t lie, I just couldn’t be bothered.


Other than that, well… lots of work to be done! Tomorrow is the last time I ever have to mentor a first year at university, so I’m sort of looking forward to that, in a “thank God it’s almost over” sort of way. If it isn’t totally dull, I might fill you in on that, too 🙂 Until then, be good!


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