Keepin’ Busy…

Windows LiveWriter has pissed me off for the last time, so if things look a little dodgy on here, it’s because I’m updating this using Damn computers!

So yeah, I’ve had an alright few days- I’m just checking in, if anything. I saw Russell Howard the other night though, and he was surprisingly good! I mean, Laura can make me cry laughing more than he could, but it wasn’t really a bad night. Since leaving I seriously wish I had a hamster with a cape on it- I think that could be the exception to the “animals wearing clothes is fucking terrifying” rule.

Key thoughts on being at the arena two nights in the same week:

  • I want to meet the person who made them enforce the “NO VUVUZELAS” rule.
  • No, sign, I won’t be “of ended” if you ask me for ID at the bar?
  • Security at the arena are surprisingly nice!
  • Pizza and nachos are the only food there safe for consumption.
  • The arena hates my cousin.
  • So, it’s no smoking past the steps? But there’s a smoking area when you get to the top of them? How does that work?
  • I wish my house looked as classy as backstage here.

So yeah, there’s that. Otherwise, I’ve just been working, really. Next week, I’m going to try to get as much uni work done as possible, which means tonight I’m going to get my arse in gear and schedule up as many posts as I can, so I don’t have to worry about work too much.

Phase one: updating the layout of the site. This took me forever, but I’m actually strangely overly-proud of this:

So, what do you think? There are a couple of kinks to iron out, but for now it’s not looking too shabby!

In my quest to be productive yesterday, I also put my My Chemical Romance swagger from the other night into a really nice frame. Ch-check it:

Also not too shabby! The background is the back- cover of their World Contamination Tour Postergram. I have the large poster up on my wall, so that’s just a quick photocopy of it. Another great addition to the “cool shit in Mel’s room” club.

Next week, as I said, is uni work week. Not looking forward, guys. There’s a student and practitioner forum I have to go to, and it’s mentoring week too, so that’s going to suck. I also have loads of assignments and things I want to hurry up with, so there’s more crap! So, as you can imagine, I won’t be updating with anything fun next week, I think!

Until next time (whenever that is, thanks uni!), kids…


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