Look Alive, Sunshine…

Well lads and lasses, I had a great night last night.

Yesterday was My Chemical Romance Day… or, it was in Newcastle! After getting in and out of the bath and putting me threads on, Laura finished work and did the same, then we went down to the Metro Radio Arena- sweet!


We were told to wait at the front at 4.30. Well, we did, but the member of their crew who was supposed to meet us was clearly having a massive shit or something, and we waited around for ages. Never mind though, he let us in eventually- for more waiting, haha! It’s a good job Laura was with me, she’s got good enough crack to stop you remembering how long you’ve been stood waiting for, haha. Anyway, backstage we went at around 6ish and met the band- oh wow!

I should probably say here, that My Chemical Romance are the nicest band I’ve ever met. They were totally lovely, polite and even a bit shy. It was kind of nice to see that even though these guys are pretty famous now, they’re still shy- I don’t know why, I just found it humbling I suppose. Frank and Ray in particular seemed canny excited that we’d brought them some brown ale, haha. Oh, and we passed on all of your messages you sent in, in the shittest cheesiest card with the Tyne Bridge on it!

Here’s a picture:


So yeah, if you ever have the chance to say hello to these guys, go ahead! They’re the nicest band in the world.

After that, we still had about two hours before the band played, so we had the chance to realise how old we are now. By that I mean, we went back to the foyer and saw loads of teenagers running for a chance to get to the front and screaming over the poster they bought, while Laura and I went, “here, do you want to find Sam and see what’s safe to eat so we can have our tea?” (Pizza’s totally fine to eat there, by the way, but keep away from burgers and hotdogs!). So we did that, then bought some stuff from the merch stand and got way too many pints as well. We saw the second support band for a bit, and realised there was no decent crack in the crowd, since we’re so old now we didn’t want to be at the front, haha.


But then I remembered: we had two pairs of tickets! Metro Radio had ended up giving us standing and sitting tickets, and since Nick and his girlfriend couldn’t get down, we still had both of them- score, cheers Metro! We went to see how it was in the seats before the band came on- mint! They were right at the front, with great people having a fantastic time!

Then this happened:



The band were immense. They played songs from all of their albums, and put on a really great show. They get better every time I see them, and played a pretty tight set. They were all completely brilliant, but Mikey Way rocked it- I’ve never seen someone play an instrument and make it look like so much fun, haha. Everyone was smiling and having a great time, and it was totally class! Laura and I had a few shandies by then mind, so we were jumping around and singing along, what a laugh, haha! It’s great to see a band that can put on such a fantastic show and have everyone really happy to be there! 

So aye, that was class!

On the way back, we went through Times Square to get back. Laura took one look at that statue outside the Centre of Life and turned to me. “Y’naa what I’ve always wanted to do? Climb that statue”.

“Fuckin’ do it,” I said.

“Well alreet then!”

So this happened:


After this is a bit of a blur. Apparently I wrote my mates a note and put it through Inkslingers’ letterbox. Don’t remember doing that, haha. And I rang up Alan Robson’s show to say thanks for such a great time meeting and seeing the band. I do remember that, don’t know what I said. And then I was home, I suppose!

What a totally class day.


6 thoughts on “Look Alive, Sunshine…”

    1. Cheers pet! I got a couple more live pictures as well actually, but since I only took them through one song they pretty much look the same, haha! They’re on Facebook like 🙂 xx

    1. Um…. no? Sorry chick, I didn’t see your comment, to be honest. But I did say that the page I put up would be printed off and put into the card Laura and I gave them. We had about 5 minutes tops with the band, reading out a bunch of messages they can easily read later would have been a waste of time. Frank wrote “thanks for the beer” on our stuff, maybe you could call your band that, haha. I wish you’d read the post carefully now, I feel bad! x

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