This is Your Vacation after Global Warming.

So, lots of things have been happening and I haven’t been arsed to blog about them. I’m crap! I’ll start from yesterday, I guess.

So yeah, yesterday morning I went to see my mates at the tattoo studio, and Skivin’ Ivan and I got to work on some of the cool things we’ll be doing- fun stuff! Afterwards, I went and met up with my friend Jon for one of our trips around Newcastle we have every once in a while 🙂


First off, we went to the Metro radio station to pick up all the stuff for My Chemical Romance on Tuesday- yay! We met Suzy in reception, who was absolutely lovely, by the way, and she let us know everything we need to know for Tuesday. She’d printed off an email that we need to get in, but it also says that we don’t need tickets… but Suzy also had tickets too- confusing much? She said that should mean we have another two tickets for the show to bring some friends- I’d literally just given the other tickets we originally had to Jon and Michael, haha! Hopefully Nick and his girlfriend can use them and have a cool night out with us 🙂


That’s one of my favourite pictures ever now.

Anyway, I also haven’t forgotten I won this meet and greet because I said I would make one of my favourite bands feel welcome in Newcastle, so I have four bottles of brown ale and the cheesiest card here too. The card has this shitty picture of the Tyne on it, it’s hilariously class. I told you all I’d still honour what I said, I’d be a dick if I didn’t!

Oh! Yesterday, Jon Melly and I saw Paul at the cinema, too. It was sort of bittersweet, because I wanted to see it with Joni, because it’s a total best friends film, but we’re both so busy right now I can’t really afford to lose any time to spend in Leeds, and neither can he- boo! Can’t wait ‘till he’s back at Easter, yo!


Paul does rock though, I should probably say that. I totally enjoyed it, and it’s really funny! It’s one of those films where, it has so many references to other films it could have been shit awful and been like one of those Scary Movie type films, but it had a great story too so I was happy 🙂 You should see it, I loved it.

image The only bad thing is, it reminds me that Joni would probably rather shit in his hands and clap than ever go to Comic Con with me and the other nerds. Dayum, I wish I was cool.

Speaking of, I bought X Men Noir yesterday at Forbidden Planet. I want to love it, I really do- it looks so cool… but I’m kind of finding it hard to get into properly. I mean, it isn’t a big read, it’s just hard to want to read on I guess. I was sort of distracted when I started reading though, so the verdict’s out. If you’ve read it, let me know, yeah?


Anything else? Well, I worked on Ian’s desk today, which I always kind of find cool 🙂 I like meeting new people, and there’s always someone walking through the door in a tattoo studio! I like hearing what people want for a new tattoo as well, it always makes me really curious. I mean, I was working as well of course, but things like that are cool. I miss Hayley though, I hope she comes back to work soon 😦

Other than that, my next door neighbour is a bitch, but she’s such a huge cow it’s not worth giving you the huge rant I gave to my friend Charlotte last night, because we’re cooler than that, right? Well, half cool.

Roger that, skip.


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