When you Smile, the Whole World Smiles at You.

Well lads and lasses, I’ve had a wonderful 24 hours.

Valentine’s Day was supposed to be crap. I mean, it’s all bollocks isn’t it? The only time I’ve ever been in a couple on Valentine’s Day, the cheeky fucker broke up with me the day after, so I’ve always thought since then it’s a bit pointless. This year had a lovely twist to it though.

No no, Prince Charming didn’t burst through my window on a unicorn with a ghetto blaster, playing Horse Outside on it while whisking me away to Disneyland. In fact, reading that sentence over, I can see where my expectations may be high. Oh well, who cares, because here’s what I’ve been dying to shout from the rooftops: I’m going to meet My Chemical Romance next week!


Eeeeee wow!

If you’re not interested at all (no band is everyone’s cup of tea), just skip this until I tell you to read again 😉 

Last night, I had a missed call from a number I didn’t recognise- after calling it back, it turned out Alan Robson, of the wonderful Night Owls show on Metro Radio, was calling to tell me I’d won a competition to meet them when Laura and I see them next week- oh wow! I’ve constantly been in awe of this band for years now, they seriously rock. I heard they’re really nice lads as well, so it’ll be great fun!

One of the reasons I won is because I said I’d make them all feel welcome in Newcastle instead of acting like a dick-ish fangirl, because (1) I like to be polite, and (2) I’m very proud of where I’m from and like people to feel at home here 🙂 Well, now I’ve won, so I’ll have to keep my promise. The idea that springs to mind is to give the guys a bottle of brown each, and maybe one of those shitty tourist cards with the Tyne on them as well, from me, Laura and the Night Owls- yay/nay? Comments are always appreciated!


Another reason I won is because I admitted I’m so short I’ve never actually seen the band when I’ve went to their shows, and it’d be nice not to see this:


Before I shut up, I would also like to share this super douper prize with people, so I’ll be adding in another post very soon where you can leave any messages for the band and I’ll print them off 🙂

Non- My Chemical Romance zone below 😉

So yes, Valentine’s ended up leaving me in a good mood! And I could really tell, because today everyone was really nice to me, even strangers! I always find when you have a smile on your face, everyone else smiles back at you, and there’s nowhere better to experience that than in the centre of Newcastle.


I went to see Ian today to have a chat about a few things, and I managed to finally meet Fenella, who’s a lovely friend of Inkslingers, like me 🙂 We’ve spoke a billion times on Facebook, but it was lovely to see her and her girlfriend there and have a little chat while Ian was setting up for her tattoo session! They’re both great, and very friendly 🙂

I also made a new friend called Ivan, who’ll be working with me on some new projects. I’m super excited about this, because he seems really cool, and him and his girlfriend seem to have the exact same taste in music as me, haha! We went for a coffee today to talk about work-related things (which really turned into conversations about Alkaline Trio), and it was pretty cool. I’m a pretty over-excitable person (as you can probably see from like, the first 5 paragraphs of this post?) so I love making new friends!


I love punk-rock Where’s Wally as well.

God I’ve blethered on more than usual, haven’t I? If you’ve got this far, well done! If not, and you’re just skimming, just know that I’ve had a really great day and a bit, and I hope you all have as well!

Until next time, kiddas!

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