Killjoys, Write Some Noise!


I love sharing, it’s fun 🙂 Especially with my lovely friends and subscribers of this site! If you read my last post, you know what this is about- if there’s anything you’d like me to pass on to the guys, feel free to post it in a comment here. You don’t have to know me, that’s not what sharing is about, but please be polite 🙂 Anything inappropriate will be deleted, as will things like phone numbers and email addresses, that’s not very cool guys. Right then, go!


18 thoughts on “Killjoys, Write Some Noise!”

  1. I just want to say to MCR, I saw you guys live at Wembley on Saturday 12th, and on the way home I just really wanted to find some way to thank you for the influence you’ve had on my life – and here my friend Mel has given me the chance to do just that.

    So, here goes. Thank you for so much. You’re my favourite band and your music has always made me feel like I’m not alone.
    It’s really hard to know what to say other than a plain and simple thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for being such great inspirations to me in every step of my life.
    Keep rocking, you are fantastic.

    Take care,
    Charlotte ❤

  2. You guys are all so awesome like seriously! 😀 plus you guys are cute…. but your music is just plain amazing. AH-MAZING. I’ve never loved a band so much in my whole life. you’re just the best :3

  3. I cried when I found out I had my mock exams the only day that ye were in Ireland! My mam even went to go get the tickets, before she knew it was clashing with the exams. So my mam, my younger brother Mikey, all my friends and I want to know when are ye coming back to Ireland? And if ye are, can it possibly not be in June? But if it is in June, can ye cancel the Junior Cert?
    Love from, the Batteries Killjoys.

  4. Frank, Mikey, Ray and Gerard, YOU FUCKING ROCK!
    I adore you and love love love your music. So find me, stalk me and adore me too. That would be fun 😀
    xoxo Signe – (Denmark)

  5. Could you ask Frank if and why he seemed so down at birmingham. Me and my sis noiced and this other girl did too. we figured he was missing his kids and wife, or whipping his hair round while he moshed lol. Thankyou. this is a really nice thing to do 🙂 your awesomeness, could you pass that onto them too hehe.
    Btw, you could ispire them by tlling them i wasnamed after the rock band nirvana, my dad was a BIG fan lol, but thats really pointless info, I used to hate it but now life has turned me from an innocent lil blonde girl into an emo with blue and black hair so i love i hehe, coolness lol sorry I’m rambling 🙂 I’ll just go now Thanx!

  6. First of all, I’d like to thank the Killjoy who is making it possible for our voices to be heard just that much more. It’s beyond amazing that this girl would give others the opportunity to let the band know personally just how much they mean to us. Keep kickin’ ass, motor baby.

    Anyways, on to my long ‘thank you.’ I almost don’t even know where to start. You guys hear this a lot, but your music saved me. I have not found one song that I can not relate to. That’s really saying something. Danger Days came at the absolute perfect time in my life. It helped me create the divine intervention I’m going through at the moment with myself. Without the talent of you guys, I don’t believe I would have nearly as much motivation to just be who I am. I’m a healer, I’m a writer and my words are all I have, I’m one of the best friends a person could ask for and sometimes that backfires on me. I’m a dreamer, my heart is way too big for it’s own good. Because of you guys, I’ve learned that I’m a soldier, above all. I now know how to use my voice, and it feels so damn good.

    I am Paige Martin, myself and nothing less. I can not thank you guys enough for helping me see that. I can only pray that one day I’ll have the honor of getting to say that in person.

  7. Thank you, you amazing killjoy for being so generous!

    I just want to say a huge Thank You for everything, for getting me through the tough times, helping me figure out who i am and most of all for making me stronger. You’ve taught me to be myself, not to take anyone’s shit, and to not be afraid to keep on living. Your songs inspire me in everything i do, and every time i listen to them, i find new meanings in the lyrics.

    I was wondering, what inspires you?

    Also thank you so much for such an amazing night in dublin, it was the best night of my life.

    Thanks again, Chloe Feeley ❤

  8. Mel, if you could read this out to them it would be awesome.

    Hey MCR, I just wanted to say that you have helped me so much.
    I’m 15 years old and I have listened to you for about 5 years. Your music inspires me and whenever I feel upset or angry at the world, I can just listen to your music and I feel happy. All of your albums, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade and Danger Days have helped me express myself and have inspired me and motivated me to do something good with my life. Your music makes me excited about life, fuck what The Daily Mail wrote about you guys being a suicidal band. You guys make me feel so alive. Please continue doing what you do, because without you guys, God knows what I’d do. Thank you so much for being the best band in the world, and inspiring people everywhere.

    Caroline Elms, London

  9. I think that what you are doing is genuinly lovely, so thank you for that.

    I would just like to say that.. The music that the band makes is genius. It has helped me make friends, help other people and help myself. It is.. all that i could want from a band. Thank you.

    Hazel. xo

  10. I’d just like to say that you guys rocked at the Glasgow SECC show. That was my first official gig and I’m so glad that it was the one and only My Chemical Romance. So thank you guys for creating a significant milestone in my life. I will always love you, through the think and thin, through the good and the bad.

  11. OMGEE!! you are the luckiest girl alive!!! this is such a nice thing to do so many people wouldnt bother asking
    but could you please ask them if they could think of a band name for me and my friends thank you sooooooo much! 🙂

  12. Hiiii there!

    Well I would Just like to thank them for always being there with their music and being like a second family with all their support. Even though they weren’t THERE they were still there, you know what I’m Saying?

    And I know almost everyone says this but thanks for saving my life. I could not thank you enough for all the great stuff you’ve done to me and for me. You guys helped me understand myself and actually find who I really was instead of creating a new me who was like everyone else wanted me to be.


    And thank you Gerard for being my hero, my biggest idol and my inspiration. You deserve nothing but the best and I wish that all of you live happily ever after. I love you!

    See you march 18th in Stockholm! 😀
    Jennifer, Sweden

  13. I just want to say how much I love you as a band. Gerard has been such an inspiration to me, as a musician AND as an artist. Your music saved me when nothing else could, and for that I want to thank you. All of you. It’s difficult to put into words what I want to say.
    Thank you so very much for being my inspiration in both art and music.
    Thank you for creating such genius music and being there when nobody else was.
    And thank you for everything else in between. Your music saved my life.

    You’re all very talented and you deserve everything you’ve got right now. I love you guys so much ❤

  14. Wow, you are an incredibly lucky and nice person 🙂
    Please could you say to them thank you for their show in Nottingham on Saturday, it was one of the few places I have ever been in my life where no matter what, everyone was accepted. there were no chilling stares or people blatantly judging you based on how you were dressed. listening to the band has always helped me to feel like me and Saturday just multiplied that infinitely. Thanks for having the courage to be yourselves in order to help others do the same.

  15. wow i just found out i could do this and i have so much to say! i dont wanna make a dick of myself though ahah. i just wanted to say that you guys are a utter inspiration to absolutely everyone, even if people have never heard of you guys you still make a difference to them, (not sure how so dont ask me :)) three of my mates went to see you in wembly arena this year and they said it was amazing, i checked it out on youtube and am so jelouse i wasnt there, so please come back to the uk! ive been nagging me parents to get me tickets to see you guys but now its too late. 😦

    i remember the first song i heard of yours, it was teenagers and i heard it at a halloween party, i was dressed as a emo which is ironic cus you guys are so not emo!

    anyway just thanks for everything you have done, im gunna listen to your interview on the radio tomorow and cant wait!

    one more things,, i found a quote on the web from Gerard saying it dosnt matter how messed up you are cus theres five guys just as messed up as you and what i wanted to say back to that was

    Eilish quote: dosnt matter how messed up you five guys are cus there thousand of people excatly the same who love you and even if they aint messed up they still love you cus ur amazin

    better shut up now

    tata ❤

    love eilish (p.s my names odd, its said like eye-lish, you can understand how bullys find dat hilariouse but i dont care cus ive got u guys woooooo)

  16. Oh what to say…

    I guess just tell them that I say thank you, their music saved my life and I can’t wait to see them in concert for the first time on April 16th.

  17. Thanks for everything you have done.All your music is great! Love you guys and hope to see you in may…. 🙂

    I listen to MCR daily.
    MCR is my fav. band how could it not?
    And everything you do makes me proud to say “Yeah I listen to My Chemical Romance….” 🙂

    You guys are awesome!


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