I hate Spiderman.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long (or, so long in blog years), I’ve been off going to glitzy parties, avoiding the paparazzi and signing body parts. Well, okay, not really, but I did sign body parts. I have no idea what for, but there are photos that I found on my SD card which say it happened.


Answers on a postcard? Actually, no one tell me why this happened, because I’d bet money on the reality being boring.

I did have a pretty good weekend, though. On Friday, I went with Joni to a launch party for a music video he worked on, which was great. Proud of my best mate, yey! We had lots of fun, and I made a friend or two, which is always good. The band is called Jimmy and the Sounds, by the way- you should check them out!

Saturday was pretty cool too. I went out with Ross, Nick, Jon and some geeks for the night. We didn’t really party like we usually do, but we ended up in the pub near the Monument and chilled out for the night. I think Ross was bored, but since I was tired I kind of liked it- anything but the fucking Hancock, to be honest. I spent a good portion of the night explaining to Jenny, who I hadn’t seen in ages, why Spiderman is complete shit, and Jon told me about a great film called Audition that I really have to check out.


Did you know Marvel just let you make these things on their website? Very cool.

Okay, work news! This is already a long post, but I found out the other day that Tattoo.TV and Tattooist Art have both been nominated for a UK Industry Award from the Liverpool Tattoo Convention– oh wow! Thank you to everyone who has voted, you all rock! It’s a really big deal for us, especially Leo and I at Tattooist Art as we get ready for our printed issues. It’s great to be included, thank you. In other news, I’ve been writing this and this for Tattoosday UK, and a little something here for Tattoo.TV, among other things you can see on the sites. Just for fun, here’s a great tattoo by Matt Hunt as well:

This week, I will be mostly… working. Boring! It has to be done, though, so I probably won’t have much to blog about. The week after will be better, I promise.

I’ll leave you guys today with a picture of my brand new DMs, which a mate of mine called Adam said make old punks cry. Old punks love me, man! Couldn’t be bothered to take my own photo, because I am lazy today.

Diva Darcie 8-Eye Boot


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