Sleeping in.

I missed a Care Ed lecture today, and it was actually my phone’s fault. Whut?


… Yes, thank you, drawing. Early this morning, I was lying in my bed having a snooze, all happy and stuff, because my bed is super mega cosy.


It finally got to 6AM, which is when I usually wake up, so I can listen to the radio and have a bit of a chill before I have to get up. Some days I’ll use this time for egg and soldiers, other times I hit the snooze button repeatedly. Today, for some reason, my phone had other ideas.


What a bastard! For whatever reason, it just refused to wake me up. At all. I woke up myself instead, without the help of that turd… eventually.


And then I looked at my phone:


MY BUS HAD LEFT FIVE MINUTES AGO. What the eff, phone?! This is totally unacceptable. Today will be mostly spent catching up on the work I just missed, then writing some stuff, then continuing to be huffy. Is it Friday yet?



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