Friends and Dinosaurs. ROR!

Hello there everyone!

I see I haven’t updated since Wednesday. I think that means I’ve had a life for a little bit before work gets the better of me, haha.

I have a notepad document on my desktop which had a really small list of things to update this site with for the end of last week. I can’t really be bothered to write about them anymore, haha. I’ll write about one of them, because it’s important- Melissa’s facebook pages have been deleted, and I am not happy! Please go here to get the lowdown and help out. To say thanks, here is a gorgeous picture of Melissa- you’re welcome!


The end of the week was spent with some good friends 🙂 On Thursday I popped down to my friend Ian’s studio for a wee bit, while they were decorating. When it’s all finished, Inkslingers will have brand new mahogany flooring in every room and some lovely colours on the walls, even in the toilet! Cool! I got to have a bit of a chat with my friend Siobhan as well, which was cool, though we do talk way too much. Siobhan is super cool and really funny, but she told me the other day she’d hate to have a blog so it wouldn’t be fair if I talk about her on mine, haha.

I saw Laura and Rachael as well over the weekend… oh yeah! I have some super douper news from work that I can’t wait to be able to tell you all! It’s MEGA! Of course, I am from Newcastle, so to celebrate (and because we needed to get out of the house and have a night out!), we got drunk! Good times! We danced with some funny man who looked like Wagner, and Megadeth Man and someone else who I can’t really remember now. Here’s a picture of that:


Laura thinks this picture is crap, but i think we look about as cool as we can get, really.

Now this week is extra special, mind. I’m out with friends again in the weekend, and guess who I’ll be with!



Can’t wait. I think that’s about all I can be bothered to update you guys with today, haha. Oh, here’s a tattoo picture. I told Joni I’d put up my t rex picture, but I remembered I promised the Tattoosday UK readers I’d put some tattoos on this blog too, so here’s the best of both worlds, this is the greatest tattoo ever:

… Bollocks to it, the picture’s going up anyway. See you all tomorrow!


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