JLS are shit.

Hello again, I’m here for a rant I think. Sorry about that. I’m having “one of those days” today, where things feel a bit cack, to be honest! I think I’m just bored of things. And I miss my best mate Joni terribly. It’s pretty pathetic really.

So, today my sister woke up at the crack of dawn and got the bus into town at half 6. No word of a lie. “What for?”, I’m pretending you’re asking- well inquisitive reader, to meet “pop” wankers JLS. Yeah, you wish you’d never asked.

After talking to her I’ve come to realise how scary the JLS phenomenon is. For years, we’ve had manufactured shit that’s out to do nothing but make money- but this time it’s just horrid. JLS, in case you’re unaware, is a British “band” who do nothing but sell crap. You can buy the JLS hoodies and sweatshirts, like any other band, but then there’s also the following shite I’ve seen:

Hats, scarves, dolls, wristbands, bedding, two different books they haven’t written, teddies, calendars, badges, annuals, diaries, mugs, beach towels, blankets, lunch bags, pyjamas, DVDs, stickers, purses, pencil cases, jewellery, stationary sets and even condoms.

Oh, and “music”, whatever.

The clever thing is, each member has their own colour as well- so you’re looking to have to buy four of some of those things to be a “real JLS fan”. If you put some make up on these divvies, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re Gene Simmons’ merch-peddling bastard children. I can’t even be bothered to think about how much my sister has spent on these glorified salesmen. Basically, JLS are the Donald Trump of shite boy bands. And I’m scared.


While I’m not busy hating JLS, I have a job. Today was a weird day, where it feels slow but I managed to get more done than I thought. Tattoosday UK now has an updated conventions calendar, and I managed to write something for Tattoo.TV about a new proposal for Washington, which will require all tattoo artists to have served a three year apprenticeship. I’m strangely proud of how I managed to be so critical and pretend I’m smart when I’m this tired and grumpy, so I’d suggest you check it out here.

Oh, go on then, here’s a picture of a stupid tattoo:

I should probably say here as well that I’m meeting with my tutor for my dissertation either tomorrow or Friday, so I’ll probably write about that. If you’re new here, I’ll fill you in simply by letting you know that for my university dissertation, I’ll be doing some research into the careers advice service and individuals with tattoos. I won’t be talking about that on Tattoosday UK, only on this blog.

And there’s your lot for today, cheers for reading!


5 thoughts on “JLS are shit.”

  1. you are talking bullshit they have work so hard for this , they have got a lot of fans , there are on of the most talked back boy bands in Britain, they have won 2 Mobos ,1 UMA,2 Brits in 3 years have u won these ? … probably NO and they are not shit . I really hate people like u saying nasty things about people when u dont really know them. you jelious of them. you are such a nob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. I’m approving this comment because I find it absolutely hilarious. When you go back to school after your summer holidays, ask your teachers to show you how to spell. 

      If I was jealous of JLS, I would join a crap band and do the same thing they are doing. It’s pretty obvious I’m not about to do that. 

      When you grow up, you’ll be so embarrassed of your blind devotion to a crappy corporate band. Trust me- 911 broke my heart when I was 12! 

    2. The reason for those awards? Hmmm… real tough this one… Oh yeah because they have an army of whiny teenage girls that think they’re ‘fit’ and their music is nothing but pure talent, when in reality their music is a huge pile of shit (stated throughout this article) that is corporately manufactured so that a record label can make money off of them because they know their target audience. This means that this audience is going to vote for them, you are a good example. Music? More like auto tuned, monotonic shit.
      My work here is done.
      (Oh this article made me laugh so much, and its completely true) 🙂

      1. Charles, you are a real dude and a dying breed. I couldn’t agree with you more, music like this is just bollocks! If you look at most things that are successful, teenage girls who think they’re ‘cool’ or ‘fit’ seem to be behind it. Even in my beloved tattooing, shite artists are praised constantly because they’re one of the ‘cool kids’, haha. Still, glad I raised a chuckle or two! 😉

  2. You are absolutely right Mel. JLS are complete shit!!! They’re just another version of the ‘smack’ that Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and all the other twats associated with pushing this gutless, talentless and meaningless shite, sell at the school gates to undeveloped minds. They can’t make a living selling it to adults, so they choose children to push their low quality stimulants. It’s the purest sonic bollocks.

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