Super Hyper Mega Happy!

This is my last post about shoes, I swear. Honestly, I know you’re sick. But you have to see what my super groovy friend Kim has just made for me!

sorted. they're £6, but if you pay by the end of january (as i'm having a sale) they'll only be £5 plus £1.50 p+p xx

Groovy! I love my new shoes x2 today!

I won’t have to buy shoes for about a decade now. Anyway Kim is holding a Super Hyper Mega SALE at the minute on all kinds of funky stuff. She makes jewellery, clothes and accessories while she’s not being one of my favourite piercers (piercists?) ever. This sale is only on for about another week, so hurry! Furthermore, if you quote MELROCKS1 you’ll get…. sod all, haha! I made it up to sound cool. If you want to be cool too, make sure you buy something mega from Kim, she’s fantastic!



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