Get Fit Feb, Tattoos and New Shoes- Good Day then!

Monday, didn’t I tell you never to show your face again?

Actually, today wasn’t too bad, since I managed to justify skipping Care Ed this morning (seriously, I did not need another seminar where no one learns a thing) and AGC wasn’t on either, so it was a day off for a change! FANTASTIC! Shame I still had things to do.

Speaking of things to do, here’s some tattoo- related stuff, since I promised I’d put some up here. First off, today I wrote about Electric Pick leaving Conspiracy Ink– but don’t worry, he’ll be back from time to time. You can read about that here. I’m currently still looking around for Tattoo.TV’s news, but here’s a great tattoo I saw online I thought I’d share here, because it doesn’t really warrant a proper Tattoosday UK post:

Honestly, I have no idea why this is on Ugliest Tattoos, Tom Sellek is BRILLIANT! I don’t know who did this, but I’d love to find out, so please comment if you know who the artist is.

Okay, the next thing I want to tell you all about today is Get Fit Feb. Get Fit Feb is pretty Ronseal, but in case you’re a bit dense (it’s okay, I am too), it just means Joni and I, along with a crazy cool character called Fisky Jay (and maybe some more people too?) are going to get fit next month. Yeah, I know.

Yep, still posting pictures of Spongebob and Patrick when I mention Joni. Just for fun.

So, Joni posted up a video about how he’s going to get all healthy and stuff, which you can see here. Here is my list. They’re kind of small changes to be honest, because I’m busy and a very lazy important person. This might be long, but I can’t seem to make the “read more” thing work. Look out for Tom Sellek if you’re intending to skip past this stuff.


1. I will stop taking the number 1 bus to university This is my laziest habit, I’ll admit. My bus to uni stops at Four Lane Ends, which is a 10-15 minute walk away from the university. I’ll admit, when the weather isn’t great (which is too often), I’ll take a bus. It’s not because I’m a fat shit, I’m just stubborn. The way I see it is, I paid too much for my bus pass to walk when it’s cold. But, for February at least, I’ll make the effort. Unless it snows again, in which case Get Fit Feb can go and fuck itself.

2. No more Chip Saturdays! Joni and I used to have Chip Wednesdays when we were in college, and it was killing us then as much as Chip Saturdays is now. Chip Saturdays is basically the same as Chip Wednesdays, except I’m sort of sitting in my house with a burger on my own, which is terribly depressing compared to the great Wednesdays Joni and I used to have. It does line my stomach for a night of drinking, but that’s not even the point, salads can do that.

3. I will quit smoking. Yeah I’m kidding, winners never quit!

4. More Chicken Salad, please. I eat lots of salad already,you know. People think I’m a freak but I genuinely like it. I especially love the Caesar salad packs you can get from Sainsbury’s, so if you’re ever wondering how to win this girl’s heart, ditch the roses and buy me some of that. I’ll probably ignore you while I eat it, but I’ll appreciate the gesture. More of this to keep healthy, please!

5. Exercise? I guess so. I’m not going to bother saying “I’m going to do 1000 press ups every day”, because I won’t, and I feel that I should respect anyone who subscribes to this blog for putting up with me. That means no lying. But I will be more active, for sure. In this house, we have all kinds of work out crap my mam never used, so I suppose I could do some of that.

Hey, That Kinda Looks Like . . . Tom Selleck

So yeah, there’s that. It’s kind of lazy compared to Joni’s list, but I’d be fine losing a couple of pounds, so I won’t have to do that much. We’ll see what happens when I look at my dress size at the end and start Really Get Fit March. Feel free to join us, just post some comments here and at Joni and Fisky Jay’s channel!

Okay, was there anything else about my day you people like enough to keep subscribing to? Honestly this blog is cack, I don’t know what it is you like about this, but I’ll keep doing it… oh yes, I solved my shoe crisis! Here are my new shoes, thanks to Dianne for suggesting I get my happy ass to Diechmann shoes for these, they’re beautiful. I’d give you a prize but… well, I can’t be arsed, and I don’t think you want a half eaten packet of Maoams.


I’m pretty sure that’s everything I wanted to bore you with today, so until next time!


2 thoughts on “Get Fit Feb, Tattoos and New Shoes- Good Day then!”

  1. I Googled my username, as i do from time to time for the giggles and to find out where all my online stuff is filtering out to. And i came across this Blog.
    “along with a crazy cool character called Fisky Jay”
    Nice, cheers.

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