I’m into Fashion, All Because of You…

You know your day’s going okay when you can put a Hanoi Rocks song lyric as your title.

I’ve been a bit of a girl today and bought some dresses. I know, right? A lot of people who see me in “everyday situations”, like at uni or in town shopping usually see me in my jeans and Misfits t shirts, so people are always sort of surprised when they see me in a dress. It’s not something which rarely happens, to be honest- I like wearing dresses, it means you don’t have to bother about whether your pants match your top, haha.

Why am I boring you? I have no idea, I think I’m just amazed by the sales that are on now, and the fact I managed to get these two beauties for only £20, when usually they’d be at least £30 each:


Yeah, I’m cool as funk.

I still have no shoes to wear with these things though, which is why I’m boring you about it now. I’ve noticed I have a fair few girl subscribers (though I never get comments, *sob*!) so if you know anywhere truly great where I can buy some black shoes that’d be great! I have a billion pairs of trainers, bright orange shoes, leopard print heels, Misfits shoes (yeah, you’ve seen them) and huge red glittery stripper heels, but somehow I’ve gone all these years without a good pair of black heels, so if you know where I can find some mega ones, that’d be grand!

One more thing I feel the need to share is a message on Facebook I got from a friend on Friday. I bought her little baby my favourite book ever for Christmas, and her little review of it was class. I actually wish she’d said this before I wrote an assignment about this book for the picture books and comics course I took so I could steal it, haha:

Me and little doll just read elma the elephant.

10/10 a heart wrenching tale of a Pachyderm who doesn’t really fit in yet triumphs using his sense of humour and stealth skills.

Thank you xxx

Y’know that nice feeling you get when someone else loves your favourite book, band, film, kind of toilet roll and you’re glad you showed it to them? Yeah, I got that 🙂 I really like buying people presents (really, it doesn’t even have to be their birthday), so it makes my day when they love them.

If you haven’t read Elmer, do it! “Just for kids” should not be in your vocabulary.

Elmer (Elmer Books)

Before I shoot off, I think Joni would be pissed off if I didn’t mention the fact he bought me this for my 18th birthday, knowing it was my favourite childhood book, and it was the best present I’ve ever been given. There I said it!



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