I’m Not Dead. But I am dull.

So it’s been what, a week? In blog time, that’s a long-ish time, so I better let you guys know I haven’t been eaten by a shark or abducted by aliens. The truth is, since I’m back at university, not too much as been happening this week. It’s all work, work, work and being boring so that I have the time to have a little more fun soon.

Look, here’s me totally proving it by telling you about the day I’ve had cleaning my room.

… Okay, maybe not. I wouldn’t do that to you. But look, I managed to fit all of my clothes and DVDs into my wardrobe! This is something which was previously unthinkable!


Of course, there were some victims who were caught in the gunfire of this battle. My beaten up Ramones t shirt and I have finally parted ways. I also got rid of those X Men films, because you know, I have family that care about me and stuff. The Alkaline Trio posters and booze stayed, of course.

And look at where I sleep/ laugh at pictures of cats on the Internet now!


Yeah baby, brand new duvets and cushions! Obviously would be incomplete without the mirror ball, Ghostbusters poster and signed Aerosmith picture, so they survived the clear out battle. So did Ted, as you can see.

I should probably point out that my bed is a cabin bed, and that you’re not really looking at the smallest room in the world.

And look! My books, bags, hats and coats have a real life place to live now!


Honestly, I am genuinely excited about this and don’t even care if you aren’t. It’s my blog, damnit!

Oh hey remember a minute ago when I said I wouldn’t bore you to death talking about cleaning my room? I lied. Hahahahahahahaha sucka! 

Hmm, do I have anything to tell you guys that isn’t incredibly lame? Probably not… oh, here’s something. I’ve been making a few more plans for the WM3 show. A really awesome superlady called Dina has been talking to me and helping me out with a few things. She did a huge benefit for the guys in Chicago, and she really knows her shit. Hopefully the show will take place around May/ June, and if things go well we’ll manage to raise some money and have a great time doing it, which is always brilliant. I will keep you guys posted on that, because it is actually interesting.


As always, if you don’t know who the West Memphis Three are, click here.

Last but not least, I thought I’d link you guys to an article I did last week about a calendar some of my friends made. It’s called Puppy Love and it’s really freaking excellent. I still need to order mine… damn. I am so disorganised.

Click here to see that.

Santa baby... in December

Until next time, and may the force be with you.

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