WM3 Newcastle Show? Hopefully.

I mentioned in my last post here that I’ve been reading Damien Echols’ book, Almost Home: My Life Story, whenever I have a spare half hour or so to relax. For those of you who don’t know who Damien Echols is, he is a third of the West Memphis Three, three guys who have been incarcerated for 17 years now for a crime they did not commit. There is no real evidence against these guys, who were teenagers when they were sentenced, yet they were found guilty by a corrupt and unjust system. Damien Echols is on death row, and is constantly treated like shit by those who work in the prison he is stuck in. If you’d like to know more, please get to www.wm3.org, or click here for Paradise Lost, if you prefer to watch things instead of read them. I didn’t upload those videos, I just put them in coherent order in a playlist, so don’t taze me, copyright bro.


So anyway, finally these three have a re-hearing this year, which could prove their innocence and have them set free. This is absolutely fantastic news, and I’m sure after following this case for a while now I’m not the only person who is relieved.

Here’s where the problem still lies: it seems to me that the same corrupt system which put these guys behind bars and let the murderer(s) of three little boys walk free still dictates what happens in our world. A fair trial is still a luxury which only the rich may have, and as long as justice has a price on it, those who benefit from this will defend their unethical and underhanded system to the death. Due to this, the West Memphis Three need the help of their supporters as much as they can.

So I had an idea.

Tomorrow, coffee in vein and work done, I’ll get to organising a charity benefit. I want to put on a show which gets the word about this out, and raises a bit of money for the cause. I’ve been talking to a few people today who could really help pull this off, though if you live in the Newcastle area and you’d like to also help, I’d be grateful for that too. I’m well aware I get overly- passionate about the causes I support, so I’ll apologise now if this blog turns into a load of crap written about all of this, but for now, while some people need it, let’s try to do something to help. I’ll document my progress on here over the next few weeks, and hopefully it will result in something brilliant.

This is Mel Noir, being rarely serious about something, since 1989, haha.

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