365 Days of Awesome.

Hello there, 2011. We’re in the future now. So yes, we had a party and everything, and I feel like crap now. Here’s a picture from when I didn’t look and feel like I do now:


Hello there Internet, it’s me! Here are some other pictures, because I know you’re too hungover to pay any attention to the words in this…

Okay Internetz, what else? Oh, Joni uploaded a cool video today where he took all of the lists of achievements he’d received from those watching his channel, and set them on fire. No, not really, he wrote them on a Chinese lantern and set them off into the sky. It’s really cool, so make sure you click the picture just below this text to see it. I did a list, which you might have seen here, so they’re on there too.


Oh yeah, Tattoosday UK is 2 today! Awesome. I had no idea the site would still be going by now, to be totally honest with you, never mind be as popular as it is. Thanks a lot for another year, Tattoosday UK readers 🙂


Okay, anything else for today? I think that’s about it, and the day will be over in two minutes time anyway. I’m off to read Damien Echols’ book, Almost Home: My Life Story, and if you haven’t read it before I’d suggest you do too. Check out www.wm3.org for more information.


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