Mythical Monsters

Well, I’ve had a strange morning. When I say morning, I usually mean the time I woke up, which I believe was around 1PM today. I’m not lazy or anything, I just choose to work at night when it’s more quiet.

So anyway, I woke up today to a particularly lovely set of messages from an anonymous person (whose number ends in 3571, fact fans) who wishes to enquire why I’ve been “messaging [her] lad”.

After a charmingly eloquent back and forth I realised this person was never going to tell me who the hell they are, and once they realised I was finding the whole thing brilliantly hilarious, they gave in. My personal highlight of the conversation:

is that not ment to say u are a fucking slag that texts every fukas lad and not ur own

I want to be best friends with this girl, isn’t she awesome?


To be honest, I get this once every few months. I have loads of mates who are guys. They easily take up about 97% of my friends. Guys are just easier to get along with. They don’t care about how your hair looks, or where you buy your clothes, or even if you give a shit what some cow said about their lack of personality. Even the girls I hang out with are more like guys (sorry lasses, you know what I mean).

But it always amazes me when this happens.


Does the psycho girlfriend really exist, or is she a mythical being that we always joke about? Are girls really so self conscious that they don’t want their boyfriends to have female friends? That’s mental. And slightly scary. I’d rather the Loch Ness Monster was real.

The psycho girlfriend: myth or reality? Comments below, please.


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