Presents AND Achievements- but mostly Presents.

So yeah….. Christmas was fun. NAHT. But today, the day I actually count as Christmas was. This was my view for most of the day today:


People, food, Wii games, presents…. oh yeah the presents! I’d better talk about those. Thanks if you got me stuff- though, I’ve more than likely already thanked you in real life, haha.

Santa was pretty good, he bought me all this stuff:


If your super cool gift isn’t there, it’s because it’s so cool Google Images has no account of it. And I’m lazy. But they were all awesome!

Any other new things today? Oh, I just spent way too much time sorting out my Facebook account after a fat paedophile tried to ruin Christmas Day over it- I now have a list of people who I can actually tolerate on Facebook, and compared to my list of friends it’s surprisingly low. I wonder why people are such dicks on the Internet.


Last but not least, my best mate Joni posted up a new video blog today (blam!), and said I should do a reply on here since I don’t make videos. Joni was talking about his achievements this year, what he wants to accomplish next year and what he wanted to be doing at this time when he was a child. So, a response:

When I was a kid, I wanted to be in a jungle somewhere looking at dinosaurs through binoculars. Instead, I sit at a computer all day writing about art and tattooing. Either’s fine with me. Oh, and I wanted to work in a zoo.


I just really love that picture of a T Rex. This year, then, I have done this:

  • I was nominated for an award this summer, at the Liverpool Convention’s UK Industry Awards for Best UK Journalist. That was awesome. (Also, Tattoo.TV won two awards, so that’s a sort-of achievement).
  • I managed to pass another year at university, with better grades than I’ve ever got. That was awesome.
  • Work’s been nothing but cool, with better things going on for my site, Tattoo.TV and Tattooist Art. I even got a mention in Total Tattoo magazine. That was awesome.
  •  After waiting since the age of 4 for the opportunity, I finally saw Aerosmith! That was awesome.
  • I also finally did the un-thinkable and finished a tube of chap stick. That was awesome.


Next year, this stuff would be cool:

  • More awards and attention, please! I’ll be starving when I finish uni, so I will need it!
  • I’m with Joni on the “not failing uni” part, for sure. Double bonus if I don’t actually need to use my degree, since I started it before I realised “tattoo journalist” was a real job.
  • Hopefully, next year I’ll have the funds to be able to move in with Joni. “Fuck you, mam and dad, we’re going to stay up on a school night and you can’t stop us!”
  • I have other awesome plans which I guess would go in here, but I think I’ve already told you guys I’d rather not talk about them just yet– hang in there!
  • This one’s slightly sad, but The Cure are playing at the Isle of Wight next September, and if I can go I’ll be an extremely happy Mel.


So yeah, that’s it! Tomorrow I will be chilling out, then going to town with my mam, sisters, aunties and cousins to have a few drinks and kick back, so I thought a big post will keep you entertained until I come back. Until next time!


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