“Vlog” is Not a Real Word

Well, in about 20 minutes, the last chocolate is leaving my advent calendar. Happy Christmas/ present day/ holiday festival of no religious value (delete where applicable)!

Today, well… not much has been going on. I dyed my hair again, beat Charlotte at Monopoly and didn’t do much else. Oh wait yes! I wrote Tattoosday UK’s Christmas message, which you can find here, and I had some great ideas for other things next year. Since they’ll probably never come into fruition, I won’t tell you about them, or I’ll be an arsehole. But they were big, awesome ideas.

One groovy thing, Joni has a video blog (I hate the word “vlog”) now. Below, if I’ve done this right, you should be able to see the latest video- subscribe, or be a loser.

Other than that? Um, not much. So, happy Christmas, yo!

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