TRON Day Take 3


Third time’s a charm! Today Joni and I finally got to see TRON in 3D! Awesome stuff, groovy dudes!

Even this epic journey had its troubles. Namely the weather. You won’t believe this, but it took us two hours to get into town today. Two hours! We had to battle the elements, and some really stupid people in cars. It was a long and strenuous battle. This doesn’t look like much, but when teamed with morons in big metal things, it was a real fight for victory:


Joni and I had no fear though, as we had an almighty weapon: the 80s Electro Anthems CD set- oh yeah. Look at Joni, going head to head with the weather man and not giving a fuck.


Yeah, get lost weather, you’re no match for us!

So, we finally get into town at around 7ish… oh wait!

Before I forget, I have to let you know, Joni has solved the MySpace story from yesterday. It turns out, if Joni’s calculations are correct, the “arsehole” who deleted my MySpace blogs was…. me! From the future, helping myself out for when it came to deleting all that crap last night. It makes far more sense than my theory, which was “space cows”.

So yes, anyway. We finally managed to see TRON at about 8.30, so I only just got back before. IT. IS. AWESOME. Daft Punk are in it! No really! It’s just such a cool film. A bit long, though. But still, Daft Punk are in the film. We had a hotdog and a bucket of popcorn, and I had some Mountain Dew. I love cinema junk food, it is the best.


So, after that, we made some really awesome plans to take over the world. That means owning all the tanks in the world, and impressing past Angelina Jolie and past Matt Skiba enough to run away and live with us in a castle. It could really work. Don’t worry, I’ll blog about that too.

All in all, I’ve had a really good day! Well worth missing work again- we’ll see if I update before Christmas. To be honest, people are way too cranky at the minute in tattooing, so a little Christmas cheer on the site might go down alright tomorrow 🙂

Until next time!


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