Wossy Ain’t got Nuttin on Me.

So I’m really really bored, and I’ve just watched the 100 Greatest Toys show- since I feel the need to write something every day, you can see where I’m about to go with this one. Here are 5 of the best toys ever, send me your own lists!

5. PlayDoh

imageThis was seriously the shit. I had this exact kit, the crazy hair one, and it was one of the best Christmases ever. Not for any adult I was around at the time though, because once that stuff’s in your carpet, it’s not going anywhere. Tell you what, lads and lasses, if there’s one thing you only try once, it’s eating play doh. There’s a story in that somewhere.

4. Mr Frosty

imageI fucking loved this thing. You could make ice lollies! In your house! That shit was unthinkable to a 4 year old, and yet there it was. It was also the noisiest thing you could imagine, since you had to use Mr Frosty himself to crush the ice. I loved his syrup penguin friend, too.


3. Tamagotchi

imageHey, remember this craze? I was hooked when I was about 8. In fact, it was definitely 8, as it was Mrs Lobely who killed it by confiscating it in school. What a total cow. Currently rockin’ a Tamagotchi V3 called Gary, if anyone’s interested.


2. Woody

imageI won’t lie, I’m still hoping I get one of these bad boys for Christmas. If not, I’m just going to have to fucking buy one, about 15 years later. Fuck you guys.






1. Sega Megadrive

imageI still think this is the greatest invention in the world. On the SEGA, you could play Moonwalker, Earthworm Jim, the Lion King, Kid Chameleon and Comix Zone- and it was awesome. You didn’t have to dick around with SEGA Live, because that wasn’t a real thing, so the word “lag” wasn’t relevant in gaming either. If you can remember blowing into a cartridge to make it work without smiling to yourself, you’re a fucking moron.


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