Work, dissertation, work dissertation….

So, it was the dreaded dissertation day today. I got away with it pretty well, to be honest. The overall mark I received was alright- nothing special. Well, that’s not entirely true, actually- I met up with Gill straight afterwards, and we spoke about the mark, which was pretty average, and I walked away with a shit ton of ideas and things which I can add into my dissertation which I may not have got if I’d got a better mark. So in some sort of bittersweet way, I’m sort of glad it wasn’t perfect straight away!

If you’re just tuning in, this is for a piece of university research around the careers service and individuals with tattoos. It’s pretty interesting, since there’s a lot out there which has fascinated me, but I’m sure you can get to Google if you’re that interested.

Okay, so what else have I been up to today? Oh, nothing much, work again! I added to Tattoosday UK’s top picks of the year with Ryan Mason today, it was cool to write about what he’s been up to this year. Oh, and the House of Mojo are two today! I wrote about that too- I also have some TTV news that really is going up (unlike the rubbish I’ve been promising lately).

Click here and here to see the Tattoosday UK posts for today! Here’s a sneaky peek picture:

Anything else worth mentioning? Probably not. I did watch a load of episodes of Art Attack before, which my sister loved to death. That’s your lot for today though, I’m off to finish writing!


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