Observations in the Cinema

  • It probably takes about three brain cells to scoop some popcorn into a bucket, how the hell did she get it so wrong?
  • Just look at these bastards.
  • If I move this chair back in a certain way, it sounds like a wookie stubbing its toe.
  • That advert didn’t tell me how the perfume actually smells- do people fall for this shit?
  • OH MY GOD IT’S BACK! Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba…… bah!
  • How the hell can you walk into the wrong cinema? There’s a big LED sign on every door.
  • Aye go on, walk in five minutes after the film starts and make as much noise as possible, you pleb!

The film was The Tourist, by the way. The above thoughts were the only interesting thing about seeing it.

Now, I’m off to do some work- I would have preferred to do work before, instead of trail into town to see that drivel.

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