This is a Public Service Announcement from Mel Noir.

SMILE. Just for once, crack your stupid face and try to make something which doesn’t resemble a constant look of despair that you don’t even feel. Stop labelling people for their opinions. Stop giving a fuck about the status quo. Listen to some cheerful music. Look at something perfect. Destroy it until it’s beautiful. Give up the obsessions which define you. Stop reading into every fucking word until it makes you angry. Share a joke with someone. Stop accusing people. Forgive someone. Stop being self-obsessed. Don’t patronise people. Don’t give a shit. Don’t let your opinions define you. Love someone. Don’t care if they don’t love you back. Don’t bitch on about those you’re not mature enough to respect. Let shit go. Create something worth remembering. Don’t kiss anyone’s arse. Don’t pretend. Don’t think for one second you can’t change something you hate about yourself. Stop thinking you’re so smart- the second you do, you stop yourself learning new things as much. Choose your side. Be ethical in your work. Don’t steal ideas. Don’t pretend you understand what someone’s going through. Just be yourself.

Let go of every bullshit opinion you have of yourself, and enjoy your life while you still can.

This has been Mel Noir, telling you what the fuck to do with your life. Now, ignore everything here, and make your own fucking rules. You deserve it.


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