Random thoughts of the day, which I can’t seem to put into a coherent blog post:

  • Someone give me Lindey’s address, I’m going to go to her house and roundhouse kick her in the face for making us write this bullshit.
  • I must be pretty lame for wanting to make a My Chemical Romance killjoy mask and wear it all the time, like in the shops and stuff.
  • What the fuck is “Christmassy” about a candle? I expected more, advent calendar.
  • I would rather shit out my own intestines than speak to any of my ex boyfriends- so honestly creepy guy, I don’t want another one.
  • How do these morons not know that Prince Adam is He man? Orko’s dead cool though.
  • Why the hell didn’t I wake up in time to ask my mam for tabs while she was out? Going to have to trail through the snow now that I’ve ran out.

Etc, etc.


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